Australia’s volunteers in France

Australian’s volunteers in La Giraudière for rural holidays


 Alice is one of our newest volunteers. She is originally from Australia and it is the first time that she has this kind of experience in France. Being a volunteer is a different experience for Alice, it is also another type of holiday.
Alice is in charge of household chores and has already presented us some of the Australian cuisine.
Deb, is the daughter of Alice and, as her mother, she went to the world to meet La Giraudère.
Deb helps with accounting and teaches a lot about lifestyle in Australia.

They came here for cultural exchanges and to learn a little French. During their stay in La Giraudière, they visited La Rochelle, Bordeaux and experienced a bit of cooking and typically French culture.

Now they had to leave and go to Europe. We hope that they have enjoined the volunteer experience and the different holidays with us!

Thanks to you two!

About La Giraudiere

The whole idea of the La Giraudiere project is for people of all backgrounds, all ages, all nationalities to have the chance to live together learn about each others lifestyle exchange their knowledge, experiences and skills whilst living and working together in France and at the same time helping, improving and adding to the Project for those to come in the future. To see the different types of volunteers work that has been done and what is still required visit our website
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