Erasmus volunteer at FC-Sud-Charente

On a sunny Sunday in May, two football fanatics of La Giraudière, went to Chalais to watch a match of the second men’s team of FC-Sud-Charente. Paul Rice, the head of the project and Hugo Müller, a Franco-German Erasmus volunteer. On this occasion, Paul asked the officials if Hugo could join in the weekly training sessions.

Football match at the FC Sud Charente in Chalais

The trainer accepted the Erasmus volunteer from Brossac without hesitation. The training sessions ran from mid-May until the end of the season (early June).

FC Sud-Charente, a merger of the football clubs of Brossac and Chalais, has a first and second team and many youth teams. But during the week the seniors train together.

FC-Sud-Charente logo

Hugo needed a lot of skill to keep up with the boys because it’s been four years since he played in a club or competitive environment. The training sessions were quite intense, but the team did not lack any sense of humour. Most of the players were about 25 years old, so Hugo (19) was more of a younger player.

Paul offered Hugo a lift to Chalais and the players offered him a lift back to Brossac. 

Such local activities are great opportunities for any foreign volunteer to meet new people and improve their French.

Hugo enjoyed it so much that he has already decided and arranged with the responsible persons that he will participate in the training sessions again after the summer break at the beginning of August.

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