Excursion for Volunteers

There is always an opportunity for an Excursion for Volunteers at La Giraudière and on Wednesday, the 31st of August, La Giraudière’s volunteers went on an excusion to Talmont and Royan which ended with a three course meal.

Russian Volunteer Looks out Car Window on Excursion for Volunteers
Vladimir enjoys car journey

There was an excursion for volunteers at La Giraudière last week. The volunteers woke up excited to learn more about French culture and their surrounding areas. They set off on the excursion at 9am, falling asleep to the drone of the radio and the warmth of the morning sun. Thankfully, a quick stop for coffee soon cured any tiredness.

The Excursion for Volunteers started with Talmont

The first stop was Talmont – one of the plus beaux villages de France. As the town is pedestrianised, they parked the car near and then walked on in. The volunteers remarked on its beautiful narrow streets and vibrant flowers. It might be worth mentioning, the hollyhock flower is its most popular.

Seaside View of Talmont Coastline on Excursion for Volunteers
View from Talmont

In particular, the Church of St Radegonde impressed the volunteers with its romanesque appearance. Interestingly, it once served as a resting place for the Pilgrimage of Saint James of Compostela. After their sightseeing, they then had coffees in a nearby cafe. They took one last gander around the town before heading back to the car.

Romanesque church in Talmont on Excursion for Volunteers
Church of St Radegonde in Talmont

The excursion had its second stop at Royan

The volunteer’s second stop was Royan, a popular resort town with five beaches and a port filled with boats! Unfortunately, everyone forgot their swimsuits. But they, of course, made the most of the situation by walking along the coastal roads and taking in the views. After the walk, they then treated themselves to some ice-cream and observed the town’s bustling atmosphere.

Watersports at Royan Beach on Excursion for Volunteers
Beach at Royan

The third and final stop of the Excursion for Volunteers was dinner

The volunteers then stopped for dinner at a popular trucker rest point where there were great prices and tasty food. 1 euro for two glasses of wine, for instance! However, the group were soon tired so they headed home and settled down for a good night’s sleep.

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