Volunteer Abroad France Website is Live

Volunteers website is revamped & mobile friendly

Every page of the volunteers website as been redesigned and revamped so as to make the website friendly for mobile telephones and tablets but at the same time computer friendly.

Today more and more internet users are using a mobile telephone or tablet so the need is there and Google are penalizing those websites that do not subscribe to the new rules. You can Volunteer in Francecheck out the main page at Volunteer Abroad France

This revamp gave us the chance to also add more content to the websites. There is now a videos page giving links to videos on YouTube going back to 2008 yes 10 years ago if not more. You can check out the videos at Volunteers Videos.

The articles page as also under gone a revamp and many more articles have been added from some accomplished authors and writers from around the globe which includes Canada, Australia, USA and the UK. Most of the articles are related to their volunteers stay or holiday so well worth a read if you are thinking of applying to join our group. The articles are at Volunteers Articles.

Over the years many Press articles have been published and so another new page is added giving links to those articles, keep checking back on this one as each week we find another article on the internet or in our archives. For now see what been done to dat at What the press says about La Giraudiere

New for 2018 was the introduction of an evaluation form whereby each volunteer was asked to complete a questionnaire and give their evaluation of the program. From this information more improvements are being made to the program such as the introduction of an additional excursion so, now there is an arranged group excursion every two weeks as apposed to every three weeks. There is also hopes of an additional French/English lesson each week presently the lessons are on Friday morning the plan is to also add another to Monday afternoon, confirmation from the language teachers is still awaited.

Those that have volunteered will know that when you depart we do a thank you post on this blog for each volunteer or intern well the final part of each volunteers evaluation will now be included in the post so visitors to this blog can see how you evaluated the program. so Volunteers appraisal are here on this blog at the end of each thank you post.

Still to come on the new website is the new Chinese Alliance section and pages about our Eramus project for 2019 so please keep visiting the website and why not bookmark us.

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La Giraudiere volunteers project inspires Franco Chine alliance

La Giraudiere project inspires Chinese students to learn foreign Languages and culture.

La Giraudiere is being used to introduce Chinese students to the need to learn foreign languages and to take on board different cultures of the world. In the picture below you see a previous volunteer from Guangxi Province in China enlightening other students about his trip to Europe which also took in a volunteering holiday in France at La Giraudiere.

La Giraudiere in chinese classroom

Chinese students first look at La Giraudiere

Franco Chine Alliance is inspired by a 2018 La Giraudiere volunteer

La Giraudiere project is being used in China to teach Chinese students the benefit of volunteering at La Giraudiere and how they can become part of the unique culture exchange. Here at Tiantao Middle School, Nanning, Guangxi Province, which in Chinese is 南宁市天桃实验中学. A former volunteer Tangken Li ,who adoptes the English name Vince,  explains to students the benefits of such a project and how they can form friendships with people from around the globe. He further explains how to apply, organise their trip, the visa requirements and how the different programs at La Giraudiere work.

chinese volunteer in france

Vince with his deserved volunteers certification

This year in July 2018

Thank you Vince for volunteering at La Giraudiere all the work you did here did not go unnoticed, the hedges, the help with the Chinese Brossac culture shock evening and the website and the other Chinese volunteers and now you continue by introducing La Giraudiere to you fellow students. Take care and best wishes for 2019 and looking forward to seeing you in 2019



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Volunteer Gwen returns to France


Returning Volunteer Gwen

A volunteer who knows here gardening Gwen from UK

Gwen who is a retired Exams Administrator in the UK  is yet another returning to La Giraudiere to volunteer again this year (Yes second trip this year) and has taken advantage of working outside to enjoy the sunshine and the beautiful views of the french countryside that La Giraudiere offers.

Gwen was only here for a week for her second visit and boy did she get a lot of things done; she started each day with watering all the new plants that had been previously planted by other volunteers and has taken great pleasure and pride in pruning the beautiful wisteria vine, which incidentally had bloomed twice during the year. To top it all off she trimmed all the hedges in the front of the property; we think she can come again. Lets hope Gwen will be returning again next year.


Gwen Pruning Wisteria

Gwen also took advantage of the beauty and tranquility of La Giraudiere when not working, enjoying lazy afternoons and the occasional wander to the local lake. I for one enjoyed a lovely spaghetti bolognaise which she prepared on her night of cooking.

Even in the short time Gwen was at La Giraudiere she enjoyed a variety of excursions including a trip to St Emilion with Paul, Shao-Ping and Andrea

A Bientôt Gwen



Gwen, Thank you for returning to La Giraudiere and making ready the gardens for the coming of winter you for sure have the green fingers. The cuttings you prepared are safely away and they are being waters once a week as you instructed, thanks again for all you have done at LG and enjoy the Christmas holiday and best wishes for 2019.




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British Volunteer ends a 3 Week holiday volunteering

British Volunteer departs after a 3 week holiday volunteering

“Janet says goodbye to beautiful weather”

La Giraudiere says goodbye to another of our British Volunteers. As a Brit Janet has enjoyed the spectacular weather that has been on offer in the Charente this summer. As a first time volunteer Janet considers meeting people from different countries and  cultures the most valuable part of her volunteer experience whilst also enjoying the french lessons that are offered on a weekly basis .


Janet gives a thumbs up

Janet, a semi retired illustrator of children’s books  has  enjoyed the weather at La Giraudiere  in the Charente and has taken part in a variety of  volunteer activities including gardening and painting. The weather has allowed a variety of excursions to be offered at La Giraudiere including a Brocante Market, local towns and even supporting the local football team; Football Club South Charente FCSC.

Janet really has taken advantage of the beautiful weather by walking in the french countryside and swimming as much as possible at the local lake.

Composed by Andrea Australian volunteer.

A big thank you Janet for volunteering at La Giraudiere glad you enjoyed the delights of Brossac and the French lessons hopefully see you back here one day in the future



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Au Revoir Volunteer Jack ends volunteering holiday in France

Gap Year Volunteer Finishes Volunteers Holiday in France

We have bid our gap year volunteer au revoir in the  last few weeks. Jack has spent 4 weeks volunteering at La Giraudière in a gap year from studying at Warwick university, majoring in politics and international relations . Jack has certainly lived up to the statement on his application to La Giraudière that he can contribute to interesting, intellectual discussions. Jack is an interesting character  with a passion for discussing world politics, and he has contributed to many moments of laughter and debate.


French Lessons, debate & Laughter

Jack has helped out at La Giraudière with a huge  variety of work including trimming the hedges, chopping wood and preparing balconies. He has enjoyed learning french, excursions and the relaxing rural life of the french countryside. We wish Jack well in his future endeavors as he continues his Gap Year by furthering his knowledge of the world; to mention only one, a trip to North Korea.

Au Revoir and A Bientôt jack

Composed by Andrea another volunteer


Thank you Jack for all you did at La Giraudière during your volunteers holiday and all the best in your travels. It was a pleasure living and working with you.



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