Fun La Giraudière-themed French Activities!

La Giraudière-themed French Activities

For today’s blog, we have some fun French activities for a change! Francophiles will have fun with this – some of the activities are La Giraudière-themed!

Part 1 – Crossword


Didn’t get some of the answers? No worries, here’s the key:


Part 2 – Riddles and Jokes

À La Giraudière, jeudi vient avant dimanche, mais où dimanche vient-il avant jeudi ?

Réponse: le dictionnaire

Un clown dit à son médecin :
– Docteur, je me sens drôle …

Part 3 – Interesting French expressions.

Those untranslatable, uniquely French sayings…

  1. Ever slept through the whole morning? In France one says <<dormir la grasse matinée>>
  2. If you miss a rendez-vous, you would use the expression <<poser un lapin>>
  3. It’s perhaps rare in France, but terrible wine is <<vin à faire danser les chèvres>> (wine that makes goats dance)

Part 4 – Hangman

Click this link to play a quick game of hangman! Hint – it’s related to La Giraudière :)

Hope you enjoyed these French activities, until next time!

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Cheering on the Bleus in Brossac

Cheering on the Bleus in Brossac

Tuesday evening was an especially exciting one in France with the victory of the Bleus, and volunteers at La Giraudière definitely didn’t miss out on the excitement in Brossac.

The Bleus, the French football team, was playing against Belgium in the semi-finals of the 2018 World Cup, and the game ended in a French victory with a score of 1-0. France will play against either England or Croatia in Sunday’s finals.

Volunteers at La Giraudière headed down to the clubhouse in Brossac to watch the France vs Belgium game last night, and the atmosphere was lively and intense at the same time.

The clubhouse in Brossac

The clubhouse in Brossac

Everyone in Brossac (minus the Belgians, perhaps!) will be cheering on France this weekend, and we have our fingers crossed that the Bleus will win the 2018 World Cup.

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Volunteers’ Arrivals and Departures at La Giraudière in France

Volunteers’ Arrivals and Departures at La Giraudière in France

With the sun smiling down at La Giraudière in France this week, we’ve been happy to welcome four new volunteers.

Justin and Stephanie, who are from Canada, joined us Sunday evening. Both pharmacists, the couple is taking a year off to travel the world. They have traveled far and wide, from Sri Lanka to Italy, and now to France. Since they have been here, Justin and Stephanie have spent their first day at work outdoors, clearing the path of twigs scattered by last week’s windstorm.

Volunteers gardening

Stephanie and Justin gardening

Jean and Helen also joined us from Australia to volunteer at La Giraudière. Jean is a retired accountant, but is opening a café with her daughter, and Helen has her own business selling handcrafted soaps. On the first workday this week, Helen has been helping Viv with the housekeeping. Meanwhile, Jean, who worked hard in the garden this morning, is lending a hand to Christine in accounting. Both Jean and Helen hope to improve their French while they are here.

Our new volunteer Helen

Our new volunteer Helen

Our new volunteer Jean

Our new volunteer Jean

This morning, we also sadly had to say goodbye to longtime volunteer Linda, who was an amazing housekeeper (in addition to other things) during her six-week stay. She enjoyed interacting with different personalities, as well as improving standards of maintenance for the rooms. After a tour around other parts of France, Linda will go back home to Denmark.

Volunteer with certificate

Linda with her volunteer certificate

We’re excited to work with our new volunteers, and hope those who have departed will come back to France.

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La Giraudière Takes a Hit from Violent Storm in Brossac

La Giraudière Takes a Hit from Violent Storm in Brossac

On Wednesday evening, a whirlwind of destruction blew into La Giraudière as a violent storm hit Brossac and the whole of southwest France. Furious winds at a speed of 160km/hr blew into town just before dinner, making trees sway and windows rattle. Soon after, we heard the rumble of thunder, and rain began to fall in torrents.

Just half an hour later, the sky cleared up, but the damage from the unexpected storm had already been done. Outside in the garden, plants were blown over; and some roses clung onto their stems for dear life. A tree was even blown down across the road, but thankfully our neighbor farmer M. Philippe Condemine cleared the tree with his tractor.

The worst of the storm’s wrath, however, saw itself manifested inside the house. Water that had been driven through windows and doors flooded the floors of some apartments, and even worse, upstairs in one apartment, the wind had put enough pressure on the bedroom wall to cause it to explode. Cracks split through the wall, even revealing some of the brickwork inside. We’re looking to get the wall repaired in the coming week.

Cracks in the wall from the violent storm

Cracks in the wall from the violent storm

Another thunderstorm is forecast for today, but we hope that the weather will clear up here at La Giraudière in the following days, with some sun to replace the stormy weather in Brossac.

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Volunteers Wave Goodbye to Life in the French Countryside

Volunteers Wave Goodbye to Life in the French Countryside

In addition to the new volunteers we have just welcomed, we have also sadly had to bid farewell to some valuable members of our team at La Giraudière who left the French countryside in June.

Our American volunteer Anna, who stayed with us for three weeks, contributed greatly to office work, gardening, and social media while she was here. She is a hard worker who dedicates herself to any task at hand, and during her stay, she enjoyed getting to work with other volunteers, as well as knowing people from all walks of life.

Anna (left) with other volunteers Janis, Venicia, and Christine

Anna (left) with other volunteers Janis, Venicia, and Christine

A few days later, our volunteer Julia from the UK also departed from France. Having stayed here for two weeks, she worked on social media and gardening, and had the opportunity to improve her French by speaking with locals on excursions. For Julia, the experience was valuable both in terms of doing volunteer work and seeing French life.

Julia and other volunteers Catriona, Paul, and Linda enjoying the night out

Julia (left), Paul, and other volunteers Catriona, Christine, Jill and Linda enjoying the night out

Irish volunteer Catriona also left us soon after. During her 3 week stay here, she helped with every aspect of La Giraudière, from housekeeping to office work, to social media and gardening. Being outside in the sunshine and exploring France were the highlights of Catriona’s stay, and we’ll miss her hard work dearly.

Catriona helping to clean at the Brossac stade

Catriona helping to clean at the Brossac stade

Last but certainly not least, we waved goodbye to three volunteers from South Africa – Pam, Zach, and Faith. They all put in great deal of effort into the La Giraudière project, performing tasks like housekeeping, gardening, and office work. With their diverse range of skills in communication, organization, and management, they were a crucial part of improving the project during their stay.

We’re sorry to see our volunteers go, but thank them for their work, and we wish them the very best and hope that they will return to La Giraudière and the French countryside in the future.

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