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Fun La Giraudière-themed French Activities!

La Giraudière-themed French Activities For today’s blog, we have some fun French activities for a change! Francophiles will have fun with this – some of the activities are La Giraudière-themed! Part 1 – Crossword Didn’t get some of the answers? No worries, … Continue reading

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Volunteers Immerse in French rural life

Volunteers discover what is a Randonée Volunteers at La Giraudière join local French community on a randonnée in Passirac. Sunday the 29th April dawned like a November day in the UK. However, despite this, most of the volunteers set off for the … Continue reading

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First Volunteers at La Giraudière for the 2018 season

Welcome, again, to the 2018 volunteers season at La Giraudière! We thought it would be a nice touch for you to get to know a little bit more about the first volunteers here for this season. Rhona – Aberdeen, Scotland Rhona … Continue reading

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Volunteers Barbecue in France

Volunteers organise Community BBQ The Volunteers at La Giraudiere started the end of their first week by having a French lesson on Friday morning with the delightful Lynn who divided us into two classes of beginners and more advanced. She … Continue reading

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Canadian volunteer Comes to Grips with French Plaque au Feu

French Plaque de Feu Here at Giraudière, two cast iron fireplate plaques, fabicated in 1659, were found in two different fireplaces of the original Master’s mansion built around that time. The two plaques have been cleaned and made ready for … Continue reading

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