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La Giraudiere France

Working Holiday
in France

Household Manager/manageress required

General builder and Property Maintenance
person required

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Briefly this is what is your responsibilities would be 

Breakfast is normally starts from 7.30, unless there is a real scorcher of a day on the way, then start time may be earlier if agreed the day before by the group. All that is required here is the laying of the table, bowls etc for cereals,toast, juices and of course start up the cafe or tea, So your day would be starting at about 7.15
Breakfast is normally finished by 9.00 at which time the rest of the group start work on their respective projects.

After clearing away the breakfast things. A tour of the apartments just to check all is ok, prepare beds for any new arrivals, check towels and toiletries. Load the washing machine with any dirty bed linen or toweling (The group do their own washing you are not responsible for doing their washing but they may need help on how to work the machine)

You Might need to do a quick trip to the village for fresh bread or maybe something you have in mind for lunch. At about 10.45 we take a 30mins cafe/tea break which finishes at 11.15 after which project continuation until Lunch.

Lunch is normally alfresco and is prepared for 1.00 for the last few years lunch as comprised of a mixture of Saladeries, cold meats, eggs,  and maybe when chilly something hot like a Pizza, lasagna, stew or quiche etc etc,  Lunch finishes at 2.00

After lunch is cleared and when the group continue with their respective projects it's time for checking what is required to stock up and maybe make sure we have what is needed for the evening meal and liaise with whoever is preparing this evening.

The household manager / manageress would also be creating and maintaining the household Manuel a book explaining how the household at La Giraudiere runs.  The plan is for The reference manual to have all the information that one needs to run the household at La Giraudiere. Some of the work as been started but need looking at and updating.

Another project suggested from previous years is the creating of the "La Giraudiere recipe book" yes the evening meals are prepared and cooked by a different member of the group each night so a range of cuisine arrive. As most of our guest volunteers whatever are from around the globe we hope to produce a real global recipe book of evening meals. Plus any ideas you may have would be considered

Once a week, normally Friday, the bed linen and toweling are changed you would be responsible together with any assistant or contractor.

So if you have been thinking of taking some time out or maybe thinking of moving abroad then this could be the occasion to test the water.

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