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All Inclusive internships in France

The La Giraudiere internships are all inclusive internship – we provide the internship, the accommodation, the meals and a whole lot more. Read on to see what exactly is included

Transportation & Transfers: All arrival and departure transfers to and from Chalais rail station are included. Same for your weekend trips to explore the region of Nouvelle Aquitaine.

Bicycle: For getting around and to Brossac village, bikes are provided and included.

Accommodation: You will have your own bedroom in one of the apartments at La Giraudière. Each apartment has a shower room/ wash room which you will share with those in your apartment (each apartment has 2 or 3 bedrooms). The apartments are clean, bright, comfortable and well equipped.

Bed Linens and Towelling: Once a week the bed linens are changed and the apartments are cleaned. Clean towels and bed linen are provided and included.

Meals: All meals are included for the days you are at La Giraudière. Breakfast is normally cereals, fruit, toast, yogurt, coffee, tea and juice. Lunch is normally alfresco and consists of salads, meats, pizza, pate, cheese and quiche, but can vary depending on the time of year you stay. For the evening meal here, we like to have everyone take a turn so as to provide a bit of variety. During your stay you will have to take your turn cooking, but don’t worry, it is always a joint effort and help and advice can always be provided.

Group Excursions & Outings: Once every two weeks a group excursion is arranged and provided, so during your stay you will benefit from several group excursions and/or outings.

Transfers and Weekends: Weekends are an ideal time to explore the region, and transfers to and from Chalais rail station are included. Remember to budget for those weekends exploring.

French or English language course

French, or English, Language Lessons: A language course is included in this internship. Upon arrival, an assessment of your ability in French, or English, is made and lessons are planned accordingly. There is group French lesson for all resident’s half a day each week plus interns will have two further half days of one-to-one French lesson appropriate to your needs. A final appraisal on your improvements compared to your original assessment is carried out during the last week of your internship, and an award of French, or English, Language attainment is presented alongside your Certificate of Internship and Letter of Achievement.

Work Materials and Supplies: All necessary materials are provided and included.

Internet, Wi-Fi, and Cell Phone Reception: There is Internet access and if you bring a laptop, tablet, or other type of device, there is free Wi-Fi included. You may use the telephone to call home but please keep calls to a minimum as broadband here in Brossac is not always free.

Advice and Training: If there is something particular you would like to learn during your stay and you feel we could advise or train you, then please ask, and if we can help it is included.

Certificate of Internship, Letter of Achievement, and award of French, or English, Language Attainment: and an improved Resume / CV that is search engine friendly. All is included.

all inclusive internship certificate

Weekly Trips to Chalais Market: Every Monday morning there is a traditional French market at Chalais, and transport to and from the market each week is included. Other Weekly Events: The participants at La Giraudiere are given every opportunity to become immersed in local French village life and are invited along to many of Brossac’s weekly clubs, which include boules, badminton, tennis, judo, cards, lotto, football training with the village team and more.