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Internship Abroad an Americans testimonial
At the end of his placement Steven was asked to submit an evaluation of his internship agency to his university evaluating his time at La Giraudiere.

Steven decided to add some extra comments to his evaluation. He sent us a copy and we are pleased to show them to you. You will find a link to a copy of his evaluation at the end of this testimonial.
american intern in France

Steven said……,”I decided I would add the extra comments of my evaluation of the internship program at La Giraudiere separate form the document itself” . First, to explain a couple of my responses:

8. I was asked to perform duties that were not a part of my original agreement with the agency.

“I answered, “agree,” however, I feel obligated to specify that the extra tasks that I was assigned were not mundane grunt work, but rather special opportunities that I feel positively contributed to my experience as an intern. For example, contributing to the local elections in Brossac and assisting one of the councilor candidates was something I was quite happy to be involved in, and an experience that I am proud to have taken part in. It contributed greatly to the lessons learned that I can take away from my internship with La Giraudiere.”

10. There is a good chance I will work for the agency upon graduation from NGCSU.

“I answered, “strongly disagree,” because it is not possible. Interns at La Giraudiere are all volunteer trainees working for the purpose of learning a wide variety of skills necessary in various job markets, not for the possibility of becoming full-time staff. Even so, I think it is a very good internship program that allows students to learn and develop a wide array of skills that will help them find different jobs, whether in the United States or abroad. Due to the nature of the company, interns are not assigned as the “coffee-guy” or the “paper-shredder-guy,” but instead are placed in positions designed to teach them as much about as many different skills as is possible, all in a comfortable and respectful environment.
“In addition to international affairs students looking for an internship in Europe, this program could also benefit students at school who study French and are looking for an authentic experience and extra language practice.”
American intern in France

Steven Hawkins – Intern at La Giraudiere Spring 2014

Here is a link to the appraisal Steven did for his University about La Giraudiere you might like to read it as
you may have to complete one for your University

La Giraudiere appraisal

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