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Travel Insurance

Medical insurance is a must in France. An English man whilst visiting Charente in France was suddenly taken ill during the night and an ambulance was called to where he was staying. Upon arrival they immediately took the gentlemen to Barbezieux hospital where he was examined and kept for observation as he suffered from heart problems. Several tests were carried out checking for different problems. Eventually, 2 days after admission, the problem was put down to some nuts the gentleman had eaten at dinner the night he was admitted.

Upon departure from the hospital he was presented with the invoice for his stay and treatment which was almost 4000 euros. This was the cost of the ambulance the three nights stay in a surgical ward and the attendance of the specialist on three occasions during his stay in hospital.

Travel insurance

The invoice had to be paid. Luckily the gentlemen had requested an E11 prior to leaving UK for France so he will be able to recuperate almost two thirds of the cost. Still expensive – Do not Travel without health and accident insurance it simply is not worth the risk.

Holiday abandonment / cancellation insurance

80% of motorists purchase roadside assistance to ensure peace of mind. Over 2 million drivers in the UK have immediate, 24 hour access to AXA Assistance Services. AXA Motor Breakdown Assistance includes: Approved recovery operators and technicians. Average response time of less than 40 minutes.

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24 hour Emergency Medical Assistance

The most common forms of car breakdown are :
42% – Non Starter
18% – Puncture
15% – Battery
14% – Unknown
11% – Cut out won’t start
This is based on data from both UK and European breakdowns and the cause of breakdown does not differ greatly from country to country.
Longstay / Backpackers Travel Insurance
Ideal for Students taking a gap year
Competitive rates
Peace of Mind while you are away
Holiday Abandonment covered up to 1,000
Loss of Passport and Travel Documents covered
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Over 65’s Travel Insurance
Single Trip and Annual Multi Trip Policies available to the age of 75 years
Available for European and Worldwide Trips
Policies underwritten by AXA Insurance UK plc
Individual, Couple or Family Policies available
24 hour Emergency Medical Assistance
Holiday Abandonment insurance covered up to 3,000

Working Holiday Insurance


Most credit cards offer free insurance on purchases but be sure you have read the fine print. Some cards also cover for flight delays and other unforeseeable problems, your card can also be a life saver if an unexpected bill has to be paid whilst you are traveling.

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