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House Keeper Wanted

To look after the day to day running of the La Giraudiere household. Probably the most important role on the Working holiday team.

La Giraudiere France

Working holiday in France Household Manager Manageress

Working Holiday
in France

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Come find out where and how to shop in France, visit the traditional French market, come get to know our local village butcher, baker and the spar, meet people from all walks of life and from all points of the globe. The most important member of the group as to be our  house keeper or household manager/manageress. Here is a chance to come and spend some time in France and be part of something.

The kids left home,  Used to looking after a house with large groups, come start your life again and use La Giraudiere as your kick off point.
Maybe you are a retired professional cook or house keeper or simply fed up with the day to day pressure of todays commercial world? well come and keep house for us and take some time out.

You would be responsible for the day to day running of the La Giraudiere household and  includes, cleanliness of the apartments, Shopping, linen cleaning and changes, Meals,  Training and overseeing of volunteer(s) and or internees assigned to work with you and help keep house.

Dealing with outside contractors and suppliers of household goods and services which includes shop keepers and exterior cleaners if required.
Part of your duties would be the shopping and this is a great way to experience France first hand as there is a weekly visit to the Market plus a weekly visit to the supermarche and of course the daily visit to the village shops.
So some knowledge of the French language is useful.
You would be responsible to Paul the project manager.

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