La Giraudiere interhsips volunteer in France La Giraudière project provides a Volunteer in France program for those wishing to help and for those wishing to learn there is an Internship in France program. Both programs provide a unique learning experience and working holiday in the south west of France.
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Volunteer in France

volunteer groupLooking to volunteer abroad? well at La Giraudiere you can come and volunteer and at the same time acquire some new useful skills and improve your French.  At La Giraudiere we are restoring and transforming the buildings into a small learning hamlet, a place where you can come and learn French and learn about France and the French way of life. La Giraudiere was once a masters house which became neglected and derelict. Since 2007, when the volunteers program started, People from  all points of the globe have arrived and  volunteered their help. Our doors are open to all, all ages and all backgrounds, all nationalities come and contributed towards the project.
The project is more than 60% finished and there is still a lot of work to do to do.  It is not just the building that we need your help with! there is the grounds  and the courtyards, the housekeeping  and the websites, the blogs and the marketing you name it and for sure it needs doing at La Giraudiere. You can read more about our Volunteering Abroad project at Volunteer in France Prices start from as little as 18 euros per day and all programs include meals,  accommodation, transfers, excursions, group activities, French lessons and a whole lot more.  La Giraudiere will provide that unique location for that unique French experience.
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"I learned that humor, kindness, and friendship can surpass language and cultural barriers.  Thank you Paul, for working so hard to create such an incredible opportunity!"
Karyssa Cox * United States America 2013
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Internship in France

Learning Internship in FranceInternships Abroad - Why pay thousands of dollars studying abroad in some city where you are just a number when you can come along to La Giraudiere and have a real French experience in France for a fraction of the cost. Apart from the volunteers program if you are really serious about learning about France or improving your French then we do have an Internship Program which is an unpaid learning internship whereby you can come and assist Paul, the present director, with the day to day running of La Giraudiere and all it's programs.  So if boosting your CV/ resume and gaining valuable work experience and priceless knowledge is your goal then for sure the internship at La Giraudiere will give you and your career prospects that extra edge needed. Encompasses in the internships are all aspects of business from Marketing to personnel you can read more about interning abroad at La Giraudiere by visiting an Internship in France
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"I’d thoroughly recommend volunteering or interning at La Giraudiere. Help out with a bit of work and enjoy getting immersed in French culture – you’ll love it."
Sam Grace • Australian volunteer (2012)
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Séjour linguistique pour apprendre l'anglais en France

learn english in Franceséjour linguistique is an invitation to come along and learn or improve your English. La Giraudiere presents an ideal opportunity to meet the English speaking world in France. Weather you be a student who has just gained a place at an English speaking university or maybe an Executive who has landed the marketing job in the States then learn english imagecome along and live with us. Our program includes formal English lessons taught by qualified professional English teachers put this together with the living with an English speaking international group then I think you can say you have total immersion in the language you need. To read more about the séjour linguistique pour apprendre l'anglais en France visit Séjour linguistique Apprendre anglais en France 

Volunteer from New Zealand "My first trip abroad alone and I was never made more welcomed. Paul encouraged me all the way"
You can read more about Joy and her trip to La Giraudiere on our blog at At
A New Zealander in Europe

Joy Webster New Zealand a 2014 volunteer

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