First volunteer for 2013 arrives in 17 days for a volunteers working holiday

This year the volunteers working holiday program at La Giraudiere starts on the 1st of March when the first volunteer arrives. This is the first year that the program as started this early normally the first volunteers arrive the 2nd week of April.

volunteers bathing lakeAs a volunteer group we have again been invited by the comite de fetes de Brossac to help out with the May celebrations and the Bastille celebrations. This will be the forth year that the volunteers from La Giraudiere have given a hand with these fetes. This interaction presents an opportunity to become involved in the local community and improve ones French and confidence in using the language.

Once again we have received enquiries from around the globe from potential volunteers intresting in joining the program and helping out with the project. June and July are becoming booked up but there are plenty of places remaining for the periods March to May and from July to October.

The new section of the website is now at  and the application form is now situated at