A Road Trip and a Fancy Dinner!

Today we had an early start and we split into two groups:

Denise and Gabrielle went with Paul to Aubeterre to see a monolithic church.  It is the largest underground church in Europe and was carved in the 12th century.  They also visited a church of the knights templar.


In the evening, they were honoured to go with Paul to a dinner thanking the volunteers of the 3B’s: Brossac, Barbezieux and Baignes.  Even the Conseil general de la Charente was there!  He represents the Charente region of France in Paris.

Jim drove the rental car on a one-day road trip with Brenda, Marisela, Elizabeth and Katie.  They headed northeast and their first stop was a street market in Saintes for a petit dejeuner.  They hiked around the city and made stops to see roman ruins and what was left of an original roman amphitheatre.



Afterwards, they continued on to La Rochelle.  It’s located right on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and the old city gates that overlook the harbour still stand.

We are off to bed early tonight because Paul is giving us another day off to go explore somewhere new tomorrow but he won’t tell us where yet!

About La Giraudiere

The whole idea of the La Giraudiere project is for people of all backgrounds, all ages, all nationalities to have the chance to live together learn about each others lifestyle exchange their knowledge, experiences and skills whilst living and working together in France and at the same time helping, improving and adding to the Project for those to come in the future. To see the different types of volunteers work that has been done and what is still required visit our website
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