COVID-19 La Giraudière is going virtual

2020 looks like it is a lost cause as the virus continues to attack the human race on all continents. The scenario this end is imagine if La Giraudiere, via it’s volunteers or its interns programs, was responsible for introducing the virus into our village, yes the Brossac community, with just over 500 habitats. This cannot happen and this is why we are not hosting any volunteers or interns for 2020.
We are confident that a vaccination will be found as all ready different medications exist which help or relieve the symptoms so, with this in mind, we now concentrate our efforts in preparing for hosting a bumper 2021 season.

La Giraudière fights the Virus

Not all is lost for 2020 as we are in the process of preparing a virtual La Giraudiere project yes an online volunteers program which will be open to all. Those that have either been to La Giraudiere or have applied before will receive an invitation via email.
The invites will be sent once the funding is in place and the broadcasting materials purchased. Hopefully you will be able to take part but failing this the virtual broadcast will be recorded and available to you to view later.

Virus free video
No virus video

Virtual Culture Versus CoronaVirus

Let’s look at a typical schedule for the podcast/video from which we then see what has to be prepared. Introductions will be at the start of the podcast/video – Introductions of members, new partners and new participants would be introduced. A brief intro from each of them – 5 min slot
Introductions would be followed by The news from Brossac will be at the start of each podcast/video This will be a 5 min slot presenting the general news of life in Brossac including what is in the local papers plus the news relating to the virus/epidemic and our village.
Following the brossac news we would then introduce a Brossac Villager this section would be titled Meet a Brossacaise a person who is either a dignitary, commercant or a figure this interview could be live which would give participants the chance to ask questions or it could be a pre-recorded interview. – 10 min slot
Following the meeting the person from Brossac the next slot is “Facts about” This slot will be dedicated to giving facts about the department of the Charente and or the region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine it would include something unusual, or unknown,  relating to history, life, music, culture, patrimoine, people, general facts etc – 10 Min slot

Virtual association life

Virtual French Lessons On-Line

Facts about would be followed by a French lesson for beginners and intermediates. The subject of the lesson would be different each week and the teachers would work and plan around the subject used in the previous slots. So the theme of the lesson could be something which was mentioned in the News from Brossac or maybe the person interviewed or even from the facts about or simply something which is requested by you, the participants. -30 mins slot
Following the French lesson for beginners and intermediates is The Excursion Which would be exactly what is says an excursion to a tourist site or place of interest situated in the southwest of France. This may also include a visit to see an artisan making cheese,  wine or cognac, This section would be a pre-recorded video and the slot would last least 20 mins max 30 mins.
The Excursion would be followed by a further French lesson for intermediates and advanced. The subject of the lesson again, would be different each week. -30 mins slot
The French lesson for intermediates and advanced would be followed by a round-up and goodbye in this last slot we would mention what is planned for the next podcast/video plus reinforce the corona virus guidelines.

Volunteers in France go Virtual

We are taking reservations for 2021 you can read more information upon our website at Volunteer In France take time to like us at our Facebook page at Volunteers Page So you can keep up with the news at La Giraudiere take time to add our blog to your favorites here is the link Volunteers Blog

About La Giraudiere

The whole idea of the La Giraudiere project is for people of all backgrounds, all ages, all nationalities to have the chance to live together learn about each others lifestyle exchange their knowledge, experiences and skills whilst living and working together in France and at the same time helping, improving and adding to the Project for those to come in the future. To see the different types of volunteers work that has been done and what is still required visit our website
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