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Match report for Football Club Sud Charente – v – Jarnac 15.04.2018

Last Sunday the 15th of April I witnessed a battle upon the fields of Chalais which was overseen by the imposing Château de Tallyerand. Jarnac had come from the north and arrived fully equipped and with a team overflowing with substitutes and assistants. Football Club Sud Charente, previously known as Brossac / Chalais, were a depleted team of warriors suffering heavily from injuries in previous battles. At 3.00 that day the whistle for battle to commenced was blown and FCSC, dressed in their rose and black kit, came out with all guns blazing, motivated by their mentor and trainer Patou Dumontet, they waged attack after attack upon the unsuspecting Jarnac reds. 48 mins elapsed before the pause in battle was announced and it was FCSC that rightfully gained the first spoils of battle from a superb goal from Camille Ribéreau, supported by laurent, who both constantly were harrassing and penetrating the defensive armour of Jarnac.

The second period of battle was started and now it was the turn of Jarnac in their devil red who mounted attack after attack upon the Rose and black of FCSC but the back four of  Jordane, Pierrick and the two Thomas’s stood well and took all that Jarnac could muster both physically and verbally presenting little or nothing for the goalkeeper to handel.

The midfield engines of Julien Ducheix and Benjamin Dougal supported by Nicolas Poirier were constantly turning and instrumental in grinding down the motivation of devils from Jarnac. But it was the second goal from Camille which brought Jarnac to their knees and from this point on it was now evident that FCSC would take all the spoils of battle from this encounter and as sure as the Chateaux Tallyrand will stand for centuries to come the third and final nail in the coffin for Jarnac was driven firml home by no other than Camille Ribéreau the man of the moment and the match.

If you are volunteering in France this summer then at La Giraudiere you will have the opportunity to see and support the local football club so maybe you could write the next match report for those following our blog.

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