We have working holidays in France from May until October

Household Manager wanted

The most important member of the group as to be our household manager/manageress.
Here is a chance to come and spend some time in France and be part of something.
Fed up with the day to day pressure of todays commercial world? well come and keep house for us and take some time out.
Find out where and how to shop in France, visit the traditional French market, come get to know our local village butcher, baker and the Spar Supermarche, meet people from all walks of life and from all points of the globe.
housekeeper needed
You would be responsible for the day to day running of the La Giraudiere household and includes, cleanliness of the common areas, shopping, linen cleaning, presenting breakfast and lunch.
 A volunteer would be assigned to help you and you would be responsible for training and overseeing of volunteer(s) and or internees assigned to work with you and help keep house.
Dealing with outside contractors and suppliers of household goods and services which includes shop keepers and exterior cleaners if required.
Part of your duties would be the shopping and this is a great way to experience France first hand as there is a weekly visit to the nearby Market plus a weekly visit to the supermarche and of course the daily visit to the village shops.
So some knowledge of the French language is useful but not essential.
A driving license is needed.
House keeper washing
For the Job Description let's look briefly how your day would span out and what your responsibilities would be; 

Breakfast is normally starts from 8.00 unless there is a real scorcher of a day on the way, then start time may be earlier if agreed the day before with the group. All that is required for breakfast is the laying of the table, bowls etc for cereals,toast, juices and of course start up the cafe or tea, So your day would be starting at about 7.30
Breakfast is finished by 9.00 at which time the rest of the group start work on their respective projects.

After clearing away the breakfast things. A tour of the apartments & common areas to check all is OK, insure that beds are ready for any new arrivals, check towels and toiletries. Load the washing machine with any dirty bed linen or toweling.
The group do their own washing you are not responsible for doing their washing but they may need help on how to work the washing machine.

You Might need to do a trip to the village for fresh bread or maybe something you have in mind for lunch.
Between 10.45 and 11.00 some of the group take cafe or tea break 

Lunch is normally alfresco and is prepared for 1.00 for the last few years lunch as comprised of a mixture of Saladeries, cold meats, eggs,  and maybe when chilly something hot like a Pizza, lasagna, stew or quiche etc etc,  Lunch finishes at 2.00

After lunch is cleared and when the group continue with their respective projects it's time for checking what is required to stock up and maybe make sure we have what is needed for the evening meal and liaise with whoever is preparing that evening. The evening meals are planned & provided to the group Monday to Friday and it is the volunteers and interns that take turns in preparing the evening meals. Weekends are do as you please.
young house keeper
Once a week a major shopping trip is needed to replace stock and purchase the ingredients needed for the week ahead. You would be responsible for
 In the past this shopping trip as been carried on on Monday afternoons.

The household manager / manageress would also be creating and maintaining the household manual a book explaining how the household at La Giraudiere runs.  The plan is for the reference manual to have all the information that one needs to run the household at La Giraudiere. Some of the work as been started but needs constant updating. We have plans to offer a household internship at La Giraudiere in the future.

Another project suggested from previous years is the creating of the "La Giraudiere recipe book", the evening meals are prepared and cooked by a different member of the group each night so a range of cuisine arrives. As most of our volunteers and interns are from around the globe we hope to produce a real global recipe book of meals. 

Volunteers and interns change their own bed linen each week your responsibility would be maintaining the linen room to insure that clean linen is available.

The successful candidate would be required to arrive at least a week prior to the start of the season for orientation. You can apply for part of the whole season or part of, just mention the dates you are available upon your application.

Benefits of Working Holiday
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The benefits of a Working Holiday in France

So if you have been thinking of taking some time out or maybe thinking of moving abroad then this could be the occasion to test the water.

Would you like to apply as our housekeeper? Maybe you have some questions?
Then email us your letter of application together with a CV/Resume and which
dates you are applying for and Paul will get back to you
 email to

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