We have working holidays in France from May to October

Assistant Project Coordinator Required

Working holiday in France helping out with the logistics and the running of a culture exchange project in the South West France.
 If you are the type of person who can turn their hand to almost anything that is needed then you should apply for this position.

Skill Requirements
Driving license
Computer orientated capable
of using Google drive, word press blogging, social media and similar programs
Either English or French as your main language
Some work experience

Personal Requirements
good communication skills
personal drive, initiative and resourcefulness
problem-solving ability.
Team player.
Can you think clearly and be independent and do you have communication skills.
Are you a person who knows how to establish rapport with others
Are you capable of working with people from different points of the globe and from a different background to your own
Age 20 years or over

Would be of assistance but not essential
Knowledge or experience in either of the following
 Gardening, general office duties, DIY, cooking, household management, project management, logistics, accounts,

When Needed
The successful candidate would be required to arrive at least a week prior to the start of the season for orientation. You can apply for part of the whole season or part of, just mention the dates you are available upon your application.

The Hours of Work & a typical week on the project.
There are no set hours for this position as you would be job sharing and working alongside the project manager. A typical week will explain the flexibility of your hours which would depend on what is happening at any one time.

Monday morning taking the group to the Chalais market  after Lunch helping housekeeper with the weekly shopping
Tuesday Morning collecting a new arrival from the station, orientating the new arrival after Lunch helping volunteers with Blogging & social media.
Wednesday all day Helping volunteers with the gardening and in the clearing of the park.
Thursday morning Helping with the Erasmus project after lunch Taking volunteers who are researching to Angouleme
Friday morning set up for the French lesson and participate in after lunch drop off a volunteer at the station in Chalais. rest of the day off.
Saturday morning two new arrivals and one departure rest of weekend off

The above gives you an idea of a typical week and you would have long alternative weekends off for exploring the area.

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Would you like to apply?
Then email us your letter of application together with a CV/Resume and which
dates you are applying for and you will receive an application form
 email to

  You can apply for part of the whole season or part of, just mention the dates you are available upon your application.

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