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Experience France learn french La Giraudiere

La Giraudiere provides a new way to experience France and learn French

La Giraudière was once an abandon Maison d’matre, or masters house, which was owned by the Giraud family. The property was left and unattended for many years until someone had an idea, or maybe a vision. In 1997 the property acquired new owners and the idea was to turn this derelict, stone built, Charentaise farmhouse into a place of culture exchange offering co-location and cohabitation to an international audience of volunteers, interns and those seeking a place in France.

La Giraudiere in the South West of France awaits your arrival

La Giraudière is being restored and transformed into a small cultural hamlet, a place where you can come and learn French, or English, learn about France and experience the French way of life. Learn about other peoples lifestyles and their customs. People from all points of the globe have arrived and contributed by either volunteering their help or taking part in the internships and traineeships offered. Our doors are OPEN to ALL, all ages, all backgrounds and from all points of the globe can come and either benefit from or contribute towards La Giraudiere.

Volunteer in France

Student, retired or simply taking time out? come and help us in France either add your experience to our project or students come and add young life into La Giraudiere. You will pick up some new life skills and make some new international contacts which will be with you for a lifetime.

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9 different nationalities share a French lesson at La Giraudiere

La Giraudiere Volunteer program include meals, accommodation, transfers, excursions, group activities, French lessons and a whole lot more

See how you can help there is something for everyone from building accommodation to building websites. From planting trees to feeding social media and blogging.

Come experience France like never before. VOLUNTEER IN FRANCE

Internships in France

Our internships are designed to bridge the gap between studying and starting your working life. All internships at La Giraudiere come with an French, or English, language course. Our internships are all-inclusive read more at Internship In France

Americans interning in France
Learning English in France

Why pay thousands of dollars studying abroad in some city where you are just a number when you can intern at La Giraudiere and have a real work experience in France for a fraction of the cost. We will work alongside your university to ensure you receive accreditation for your internship at La Giraudiere. Read how to INTERN IN FRANCE

Apprendre l’anglais en France

Apprendre l’anglais en France séjour linguistique est une invitation à venir apprendre ou améliorer son anglais. La Giraudière présente une occasion idéale de rencontrer le monde anglophone tout en restant en France.

You can read more at Séjour linguistique Pour Apprendre anglais en France

Learning English in France
Learn French or English in France

Whether you be a student who has just gained a place at an English-speaking university or maybe an Executive who has landed the marketing job in the USA then come and live, learn English with us. Our program includes formal English lessons taught by qualified professional English teachers put this together with the living with an English-speaking international group then I think you can say you have total immersion in the language you need without leaving the hexagonal.

Co-Location en France

You do not have to volunteer or intern to stay at La Giraudiere because now you can co-locate, yes, La Giraudiere now offers co-habitation and colocation. You can benefit from living with an international group in a rural setting. The chance to meet new global contacts and friends is endless. Situated upon the departmental borders of the Gironde, Charente Maritime and The Charente makes La Giraudiere the ideal location for working, studying or retired in the South West of France. Read more about Co-location en France and Co-habitation en France

Accommodation colocation
Apartments at La Giraudiere
colocation apartments in france
Apartments for CoLocation
Educational School Trips to France

Although La Giraudiere is an unfinished project it as hosted many school trips and educational tours from around the globe. You can read more about the customised school trips and what we are putting in place at School Trips To France section of our website.

volunteering school group france
La Giraudiere plays host to an American academy

Educational trips to France are welcomed at La Giraudiere. Already we have hosted schools from the UK and USA. Plus, La Giraudiere as opened its doors to university groups and academies.