We have working holidays in France May to October

Working Holiday Information

HOW LONG CAN I STAY AT LA GIRAUDIERE? - A minimum term of 2 months is the recommended and the maximum could be the entire season of 6 months.

DO I NEED A TRAVEL PERMIT? - This you would have to check with your local French embassy or consulate. If you are traveling from within Europe then no visa. If you need a receipt or confirmation of your accommodation booking then this can be provided.

WHERE IS LA GIRAUDIERE AND WHAT IS THE SURROUNDING AREA LIKE? - You would be staying in one of the most beautiful regions of France. Charente is famous for it's number of sunshine hours and it's clear unpolluted air. The countryside is rolling hills full of Grapevines, corn and sun flowers and scattered stone built villages. La Giraudiere is 1 km from the center of Brossac Village. Brossac is in the south Charente and lies 8km from Chalais market town and 18 km of Barbezieux Market town.
brossac tourist office
Brossac Village

To see and use a Google interactive map of the location for La Giraudiere visit Brossac Location Map you will find a Google map with the exact location of La Giraudiere by working away from the location you will see exactly the location in respect of the towns and cities of south west France.

Location of Working Holiday in France

TRAVEL INSURANCE -  DO IT Do not forget to get your travel insurance in place. Health care and treatment can be very expensive in France it is your responsibility to have full cover for accidents  and illness. E111 - BRING IT AND TOP IT UP - If you are European citizen remember to bring the E111 !!! which since my time in England as changed to a blue credit card ID or so I have been told. Can anyone inform me? Also remember that your E111 may not pay for all your treatment or medication so make sure you have a top up insurance. Make sure you tell your insurer that you are going on a working holiday.

THE WEATHER -  The summer can be very hot up to 40+ c and the region of south west France is also known for it's storms so prepare for both. In really hot periods you may want to start earlier and finish earlier depending on and where the work is. Again flexibility is the order of the day.  Winters can be very cold -10c recorded this year. A page about the weather in Brossac as been produced and you can see Weather in Brossac

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NO SMOKING -SORRY - LG is a no smoking zone but there is a smokers corner provided under a tree over the lane

WORKING HOLIDAY BENEFITS See what is on offer in return for your working holiday in France

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