Fei from USA on her second day

Just a few days ago a new, american volunteer arrived at La Giraudière. Her name is Fei and she lives in Portland, USA.

Fei came to France for a family wedding in Nice but then decided to come help out with our volunteers’ project at La Giraudière after that. She is very skilled at gardening because she is used to taking care of big vegetable and flower garden at home.

Fei is preparing a new appartement for use

Fei is preparing a new appartement for use

She would like to meet new people, share experiences and stories with others and most of all bring happiness to people’s lives.

Hope you enjoy your stay and Friday French lessons Fei!

Flowers at La Giraudiere in August

Flowers at LG during August


Sharon’s first european experience

Sharon is a new volunteer from Australia. She came from Tasmania to experience Europe for the first time. Her first stop was Paris and then La Giraudière.Sharon during her first working day

She is participating in our project for just one week and will help us with the cooking and maintenanceof the household. After this volunteering experience she will travel to the Pyrenees for a challenging hike.

She is a very communicative and active person, so she will have no problems learning French. Sharon would love to contribute in a community based environment, share ideas and learn from others.

Enjoy your stay in France!Communal dinner at LG

Dagmar from UK joined our team

Last week Dagmar also arrived from the United Kingdom. She lives in the south coast of Britain near Bournemouth, works as a supervisor at a school and enjoys juggling!Dagmar from UK is gardening
She would like to improve her conversational and written French whilst exploring the countryside of southwest France.Dagmar and Mark take care of garden
Dagmar is both hardworking and willing to learn new skills. During the next two weeks she will help us with the gardening and maintenance of the house.

New backup from Ireland

We have had a busy week at La Giraudiere with a new member called Mark joining our team from Ireland. He is an accountant who likes Gaelic football.
Mark will be staying with us for 3 weeks and then will be participating in another volunteers project near Montpellier in the South of France. He has a year off for travelling and has decided to help other developing projects grow.Mark rom Ireland is cutting the hedge
He is studying French at night, so he usually surprises us the next day with new words (today it was- “la frontière”:).
He would love to make new friends and enjoy the volunteering experience. He is very good at gardening and is keen to help with building and restoration at La Giraudiere.

La Giraudiere is in the News in the USA

La Giraudiere in the news headlines in USA

This blog post is to say a big thank you to Martin Jones Westlin’s editor of La Jolla Village news which is part of the San Diego Community News Group. Marty, as we got to know him, spent his 3 week summer vacation volunteering here at La Giraudiere in southwest France.

During his stay Marty helped out with editing our Erasmus accreditation application and also the orientation guide which will help the 100’s of volunteers and interns that choose LG each year.

SDNEWS USAMarty left us just over a week ago but his work for La Giraudiere continues even now he is back in the USA. Marty is writing 3 articles about his stay and particular his stay at La Giraudiere so take some time to check Marty’s first article at La Giraudiere in the SDNEWS


“Thank you Marty we miss you at LG”

Scotland sends it’s finest volunteer

What a beautiful scottish accent – Welcome Kirsty

This Monday arrived also young lady from Scotland. Her name is Kirsty and she lives near Glasgow in Scotland.

Scottish lady Kirsty is sorting the old photos

Kirsty is sorting the old photos. A lot of memories should be well-organised.

She is a student of marketing, economics and accounting at the University in Glasgow. She came to France to improve her french language skills and to gain a better understanding of French culture.

Kirsty will help us with cleaning and she will take care of household and gardening.

Bienvenue en France, Kirsty!

New volunteers are arriving – Belinda from Canada

Belinda arrived to La Giraudiere on Monday evening and she will spend three weeks here by helping us with a lot of work.

Belinda is an ESL teacher working with the school in Saskatoon, Canada. She is keen to help us with restoration of the old house, with painting and renovating it.

Belinda from Canada is painting in the old house

What a beautiful painting posture!

She would love to practice french language to make her speech more fluent and help La Giraudiere to become a good-looking place!

Thank you Belinda and welcome to our team!

Australian couple volunteer in France

La Giraudiere is pleased to welcome Roger and Lyn, couple who lives near Melbourne in Australia. They are taking a year out (gap year round) to travel around the Europe in order to gain a new life experience and new cultural exchange.Australian volunteer repairing the shutters

La Giraudiere is now going to be their home for the next two weeks and during their volunteer stay they will be helping with all sorts of work. Roger has already started with getting the windows in shape whilst Lyn is busy in the garden and helps to prepare the old house for a music event which is planned for September.

Lyn from Australia is dusting

Dusting is such a funny activity for Lyn

During their stay at LG, they hope to make some new friends and share all of their french experiences. Roger is a former teacher, practising artisit among many things. Lyn is also a former primary school teacher who as accountancy skills and many other strings to her bow.

We wish you to spend an amazing time at LG!

Universal Music financial controler volunteers at La Giraudiere

Universal Music financial controler volunteers at La Giraudiere

Clare skinner arrived late June 2015 at La Giraudiere to volunteer her skills to the project. Clare is taking time off to tour around Europe for the summer of 2015.

La Giraudiere is to be a 6 week part of that tour, prior to LG Clare had been in France touring around the North and once her stay finishes at LG she will be heading to Nice and then Spain – wow what a tour.

Clare skills have been put to good use at LG, as an Financial controller she was not daunted at all when presented with a box of bills and receipts and asked to put in place the accounts for the project.

Clare is also helping to put together a mailing list of all those that have applied or enquired about the project here in France probably over 5000 addresses and going up as we speak.

English volunteer in France

Claire under the watchfull eye of Sidney audits the figures

French Volunteer helps La Giraudiere

Tibor Helis from South Charente chose to help out at La Giraudiere during his summer holidays. Tibor who just passed his BAC this month and now awaits his place at Bordeaux University will be active with the association at La Giraudiere. Tibor will be helping with the logisitics and of course helping volunteers and interns with their French.

French volunteer

Tibor first tea break at LG

Tibor will be a great asset during the summer as he speak English and French come a Brossacaise – Welcome aboard and thanks for your input Tibor looking forward to a great summer working with you.