How to Learn French

How to Learn French in France

How to learn French Once you have decided to embrace the French language then the question is how is the best way to learn? There are many books and guides you can buy which are very helpful, there are many CDs or videos that you can see and listen to; again very illustrative and imaginative. You could take private lessons or go to evening classes, and all of these without question would help you learn or improve your French. Maybe you are one of those 6 percent in the world who speak French because you have been studying French at school or university and feel there is no more to learn.

French Lessons

Whichever method you choose, eventually the time will arrive when you will want to speak it, and speak it to a French person. Time and time again at La Giraudiere we have had students arrive who have studied for many years French at School, University or private French lessons but have never had the occasion to use it, and this is where La Giraudiere comes to the fore.

Learning French in France
Learning French at La Giraudiere

Community living encourages using French

At La Giraudiere we encourage all our volunteers and interns to speak and use their knowledge of the French Language. Within the articles section of our website you will read about how the volunteers became part of the local community whilst staying at La Giraudiere and how every opportunity was made possible to speak the French Language.

For further reading read article Why Is French Language Important and Learn French In France also worth a visit is the web site of The Académie Française, sometimes referred to as the French Academy, it is the overseer for matters relating to the French language. The Académie was established in 1635 by Cardinal Richelieu, the chief minister to King Louis XIII.