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When you volunteer at La Giraudiere you will receive a French lesson one morning each week during your stay. The lessons are  carried out by English speaking qualified French teachers.

Many volunteers and interns have profited by the French lessons provided but also just as important is the opportunity to become involved in rural French life which the different programs at La Giraudiere provide.  If you are wondering whether it is worth your while to learn French then please read this articles on this website by following the links below and then decide if learning French is for you.

French Lessons provided

Learning French
Learn French in France

How Volunteering and Interning help you to learn French

How the programs at La Giraudiere can help, Whether you arrive at LG as a volunteer in France or as an intern in France, apart from the French lessons offered, both programs will present you with occasions to practice your French. Yes, real life situations; but only if you want to, there is no pressure. Here are some examples of how it as worked at La Giraudiere:

Monday and Thursday evening in Brossac village there is a meeting of the Brossac Olympique  boules or petanque club, and  grace of La Giraudiere the group is invited to participate. These are great occasions for you to meet and converse with the  locals, all of whom have different French dialects and accents. By your third week you will know the first name of many of
the players, you will know where in France they are from, and they will know you because you will have to tell them.
But not to worry; there will be someone to help if you feel you lack some vocabulary or the confidence to converse.
The Brossacaise love to  show foreign visitors how to play boules, and typically it is the winner who pays for the verre de vanquer (a glass of wine costing 50 centimes). So even if you lose, you win; very French.

Learn French Live France

Monday morning is market day at Chalais, and Tuesday evening is the weekly shopping trip for the LG group. Both are great occasions to practice your French. Just imagine the scenario: you are going to the market town of Chalais to purchase some fresh produce for the week for the group at LG. The first difference is it is in kilos and litres, the second you will be paying in euros, and the third is you have to get it right or everyone back at LG will go hungry! But don’t worry, there will be  someone with you to help if you start to falter.

The supermarket will also present new challenges, such as you will need how many centimes for the chariot ! Or at the checkout the cashier may say, “votre carte videlity svp”, or maybe, ” il doit étre pesé et le prix”. But again, not to worry, help is at hand.

I hope from these examples you can see the difference between learning French in school or university and  learning French in France, whilst living and working there. All the programs and projects at La Giraudiere will offer you the chance to either learn or improve your knowledge of the French language, and most important of all to improve your confidence in using the language. Here is more about How to learn French All you need to decide now is for when you can Volunteer in France and we look forward to seeing you at La Giraudiere.

Free French lessons for Volunteers
learn french  in france
French lesson in France

In a special report produced by “Forbes 2000”, it is shown that 3 out of the top 50 companies in the world are French. They are,  at number 15, Total France Oil & Gas; number 17, BNP Paribas France Banking; and at number 28, AXA Group France Insurance. Read just why French Important Language to learn.

If you are serious about your career, international business, export or you are a serious traveller, then French should be a prime candidate.  Remember that 29 countries in the world have French as their second language.

Acknowledgment of help from the following: The Forbes 2000 Report; Will Smale, BBC News and Wikipedia.org. and the volunteers and interns from La Giraudiere and  and The Académie Française,

The 2022 volunteers program starts May 2022 and will continue until the 7th October 2022. The recommended volunteering period is 3 weeks but you can apply from 1 – 6 week

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