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About us and the volunteering project in France

Over 600 volunteers of all ages and from all points of the globe read about us and then came and helped create the center La Giraudiere and continue to help today to create further, improve, not just the the center, but also the different programs offered and of course help with the day to day running of La Giraudiere.

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It became clear to Paul that the various visitors were looking for more than laying in the sun, visiting markets, sunflowers and drinking French red wine all these could be done anywhere in France.

One day a family from USA who were staying at La Giraudière said “Paul can we help you today as we want something different to do” with this Paul was quick to take up their offer of help and in exchange he explained how to crepi a house with chaux. Yes rendering a house with a lime mix and showing the different techniques such as Pierre apparent, joints and crepi

Jim, the now american volunteer, was so keen to learn the different techniques which were older than the USA itself and Paul explained that the stones used in the building of La Giraudiere could have taken anything from thousands to a million years to make.

So The volunteers project was started in 2008  and in its first year opened its door solely for the month of May. Volunteers from USA, Scotland, UK arrived and a video was created by Michelle from USA.

Visit our you tube chanele at La Giraudiere on You Tube  

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You Tube Videos about us

Videos about us and how this project came about are on you tube. Take a look at a video which was created by Michelle in 2008 where she explains more about the early days at La Giraudiere

Since 2008 the project as advance, different programs introduced, accreditation earned and for a few years La Giraudiere was open all year around and included a Christmas program, live music nights, markets and many events.

Paul, the present project manager, plans to continue for two more years heading this project and is now looking for someone to take over the reigns. Maybe it is for you? read more at Working In France

You can read more about us La Giraudiere and the other programs offered by visiting the

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The 2022 volunteers program starts May 2022 and will continue until the 7th October 2022. The recommended volunteering period is 3 weeks but you can apply from 1 – 6 week

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