Volunteers Code of Conduct

Volunteers code of conduct

Code of conduct

• Volunteers are expected to respect the local community and ensure that they do not behave in a manner which might cause offense and/or damage to the excellent relationship that La Giraudière enjoys with the local community, in particular the inhabitants of Brossac.

• La Giraudière attracts volunteers of many different ages and nationalities. Volunteers are expected to treat their fellow volunteers with respect, consideration and be sensitive to differences in values and lifestyle that may be linked to age and cultural background.

• Volunteers are expected to respect the property of La Giraudière and treat it with all reasonable care to ensure that they do not damage it. Volunteers are expected to take all reasonable steps to avoid causing harm to their fellow volunteers. This is particularly important when volunteers are working in close proximity with one another. Careless or reckless behavior whilst volunteering on the project and/or failure to pay attention to instructions given will be treated as a particularly serious breach of this Code, due to the potential danger such behavior poses to other volunteers.

• While performing the tasks assigned to them on the project or taken on personally, volunteers are obliged to follow the instructions of the project director (or any person nominated by him, or her, from time to time) of La Giraudière and to carry out these tasks to the best of their ability.  Where unsure of any project instruction a volunteer will not proceed without further clarification.  All necessary protective clothing, footwear, equipment, materials etc are available and shall be provided where necessary and must be used.

• By submitting my application and subsequently reserving my place to volunteer for La Giraudière I acknowledge that I fully understand and shall abide by the details set out in this Volunteers Code of Conduct and further more I confirm I have and agree to the Volunteers Agreement.

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