Volunteers Agreement

In brief, this volunteers agreement is to agree that no contract exists between the volunteer and La Giraudiere and that each party is free to cancel this agreement whenever. It further confirms that any volunteered work you do at La Giraudiere becomes the property of La Giraudiere and that in carrying out these tasks you should take care not to injure yourself or any other co-volunteers. A code of conduct is expected and you agree to abide by the code & this agreement.

Who is Who

In submitting my application and booking a place with the volunteers at “Les Amis de la Giraudière” I agree that as this is a volunteer’s project, no contract of any nature exists between – The Association known as Les Amis de La Giraudière, hereafter referred to as La Giraudière and me hereafter referred to as the volunteer.

You are not employed

The volunteer’s relationship with La Giraudière – I understand that as a volunteer I will not be employed by La Giraudière during my stay on the project. All work that I perform at or for La Giraudière during my stay and maybe after will be performed on a voluntary basis and is not done for payment or monetary reward of any kind. Any money that I pay to La Giraudière is a contribution towards my lodgings, food and other expenses associated with my stay at La Giraudière. In the event of me not arriving as reserved then I understand that any deposit(s) paid by me to reserve my place is refunded at the discretion of La Giraudiere.

You must take care

Intellectual property and image rights – I accept that any material I produce in the course of my volunteering at La Giraudière, including graphics materials, web page designs, narratives, research, compilations, instructional texts will be the property of La Giraudière.  La Giraudière is free to use all photographs and videos taken during my stay in which I appear for the purpose of illustrating the project’s blog and website.

Injury and Damage to property – I understand that it is my responsibility to take reasonable care of my own person and property and to purchase the appropriate accident, health and travel insurance before arriving at La Giraudière. I understand that La Giraudière accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to my personal property during my stay and I waive all right to legal recourse against La Giraudière in the event that I suffer such loss. Further, I understand that La Giraudière accepts no liability for any injury I may suffer during my stay, except if it is caused by the negligence of La Giraudière. I waive all right to legal recourse against La Giraudière in the event that I suffer injury during my stay, which is not caused by negligence.

Code of Conduct is expected

Termination of a Volunteers’ agreement and stay at La Giraudière – I understand that if I commit a serious breach of the Code or repeatedly breach the Code, I may be required to leave La Giraudière. I accept that the decision regarding my leaving will lie solely with La Giraudière and once made, will be binding upon me and cannot be contested. Fees paid will be refunded at the discretion of La Giraudiere.

Code of Conduct – At all times during my stay at La Giraudière, I agree to be bound by the Volunteers Code of Conduct (the Code) which I have read and is located at:-


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