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Read articles about volunteering in France at La Giraudiere from volunteers who have taken part. If you are thinking about applying or maybe you have applied and wondering what goes on then take some time to read what other have said about their stay. You will also find an article relating to something other than our project but related to France and travelling.

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A Unique French Experience in France

Articles Unique French Experience

A Unique French Experience in France While some projects claim to provide an opportunity to become immersed in the country’s language and culture, most lack the unique cultural exchange experience that La Giraudière provides. This article was started by Kelly Kean from the USA a volunteer in July 2012 and followed up by Merise Riddell from Australia a volunteer who added to this article in September 2012. A Unique French Experience  Read about what is a real  Unique French Experience

Unique Experience in France
Articles from France

A Volunteers working holiday

A Volunteer working holiday is an article written by Dr DJ Rohling. An American Volunteer at La Giraudière in August/September 2012. Dr DJ Rohling is an aspiring novelist who writes about his volunteering abroad in France experience. A Volunteer working holiday Read about Dr Rohlings Volunteers Working Holiday

Volunteers working holiday
Darrell enjoying his volunteering holiday in France

Articles – Take Time Out

Take Time Out Volunteering  An article from Caroline O’brien an aspiring Math’s teacher from the UK. Carrie writes about her stay and reflects on what she has achieved for both herself and La Giraudière. Read how volunteering helped Carrie at a very confusing time in her life. Take Time Out Volunteering

Volunteer takes time out
Carrie taking time out
Travelling Alone first time abroad

First Time Volunteering.  Jordan from USA choose La Giraudière for her first ever trip abroad alone. Read about Jordan’s experience of South West France’s countryside as a young female volunteer traveling alone for the first time abroad.

travelling alone volunteering
Learn French in France

So many articles in this website about learning french, a very popular subject, so here are links to three of such articles. Learn French in France is an article written by volunteers explaining the benefits of learning French in France. How to Learn French again an article explains the different ways of learning french and the writer giving their onion of the best way they found.

Another article on the subject of learning French is titled French an Important Language and gives some good reasons why you should learn French.

learn french in france
French Lesson

Learn French In France article about learning French in France How to Learn French an article about the different ways of learning a language and French in particular and finally an article explaining why French is important.

Chinese Volunteer In France

Chinese Volunteer in France  Read Minjies article about being a Chinese volunteer in France she explains how she found out about the project, how she applied plus visa application and how she found the life at La Giraudiere. Read A Chinese Volunteer in France

Chinese volunteering
Volunteering Abroad

Volunteering abroad is an article written by Reuben Lachmansingh, a published author from Canada whilst he was volunteering at La Giraudiere in France In 2016 read how Reuben relates La Giraudiere to volunteer in 1755. Read Volunteering Abroad

Volunteering abroad
Reuben Lachmansingh

Volunteer Abroad Some reasons to choose La Giraudiere for your volunteer abroad or French experience could be because you love writing in which case come to La Giraudiere and write articles for us about us. Here is one that needs your help Volunteer Abroad

Christmas in France Volunteering

Christmas in France is an article from Chris an Australian volunteer who came to La Giraudiere to experience Christmas and the new year read just how she found it to be Christmas in France

Christmas in France

Restoration House

Australian writer volunteers in France. Read Barbara Booths articles/testimonial and see the magazine article she published in an household family magazine in Australia. Barbara Booth has been a freelance journalist for over 20 years, published nationally in newspapers and magazines. Including The Age, The Canberra Times, The West Australian, Qantas Club magazine, Home Beautiful, and OzArts.

Barbara arrived at La Giraudière in 2013 as a volunteer unknown to us she was going to make us a celebrity in Australia as two years later a package arrives at La Giraudière within which we find an Australian magazine. Inside are three page, yes three pages, article about the culture exchange project here at La Giraudière. You can see the magazine article titled Restoration House on our Press Articles Page.

restoration house france
European Solidarity Corps

An article explain the European Union’s new learning programme which replaces the Erasmus Plus programme read how La Giraudiere as taken part in such programmes in the past European Solidarity Corps

european solidarity corps

The 2022 volunteers program starts May 2022 and will continue until the 7th October 2022. The recommended volunteering period is 3 weeks but you can apply from 1 – 6 week

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