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Recognizing Young Entrepreneurs and teaching Entrepreneurship

Following part 1 of the Erasmus Volunteer Service project which finished in November 2017 we saw in place the website for the YERRF project, and now we are looking to advance to the next step of constructing workshops on the subject of entrepreneurship learning and teaching. So we needed volunteers to help us in the production of educational materials, videos, games and guides on the subject of entrepreneurship which will aim to encourage entrepreneurial education. This project started on the 6th May 2019 through to 5th December 2019 duration 7 Months.

It will be entrepreneurs with entrepreneurial skills that will create the jobs of the future and help reduce unemployment. It is for this reason that the second part of La Giraudiere’s YERRF project is to widen the awareness of Entrepreneurship, commercially and socially, as both a career option and also as a subject which should be taught in education.

Erasmus volunteer service project


The main subjects of the project were entrepreneurship, how to spot an entrepreneur, how to teach entrepreneurship but the successful candidates would also be informally learning about marketing, business start-up’s, finance, banking, accounting, social media, website creation and marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), blogging and project management. The EVS Volunteers were living with a mixture of international volunteers and learned about each others cultures. English and or French language lessons were provided and it was these languages used during the project.


Volunteers were selected who were able to speak either English or French as either main or as a second language, They had to be available for at least 3 months of the mobility. The target group for this project were those interested in the topic of entrepreneurship, social or commercial; those who maybe thinking of starting their own business or project; those who have an interest in marketing, website creation, finance or banking. Foreign languages i.e. French and English were used on this project


Every Friday morning French lessons were provided by our French and English speaking qualified teachers. These lessons were with the whole group EVS volunteers and La Giraudiere Volunteers and interns and would try to encompass either something they were working
on in the project or conversational skills needed to communicate with the local people – all levels were catered for.

This project required 5 partners who showed an interested in the subject of entrepreneurship from 5 different program countries. Partners were encouraged to take an active part in this project and would be expected to contribute throughout the life cycle and with it’s final dissemination.

The main activities of this project were researching the subject of entrepreneurship, preparing learning and teaching materials in the form of games, videos and guides and organizing two seminars.

All materials were published in paper form and included in the education section on the YERRF Project Website. Partners will benefit from this project and were given access to the published learning materials.

Participants learned about entrepreneurship and it importance in society; In creating and publishing the materials they also informally learned about researching, marketing, blogging, using social media for projects, project management, website creation, fundamentals of SEO and experience a real cultural exchange in rural south west France.

The 2022 volunteers program starts May 2022 and will continue until the 7th October 2022. The recommended volunteering period is 3 weeks but you can apply from 1 – 6 week

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