Volunteers Testimonials

Throughout our website you will find testimonials, articles and videos from previous volunteers.

Volunteers articles

Volunteers articles are articles written by volunteers who have taken part in the project at La Giraudiere. You can read why they took on a volunteering holiday or something they wanted to simply relay to you.

Volunteers videos

Volunteer Videos

Volunteers Videos are videos produced by volunteers either about their stay at La Giraudiere or maybe the projects they have been working on. Watch to see what goings on at La Giraudiere

Press Articles

Press and Magazine Articles not just locally and nationally but also international publications have been published about La Giraudiere, it’s projects, it’s participants and the events they have created.

Volunteers Blog

Upon our blog you will find many posts and testimonials from volunteers writing about their stay at La Giraudiere

The 2022 volunteers program starts May 2022 and will continue until the 7th October 2022. The recommended volunteering period is 3 weeks but you can apply from 1 – 6 week

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