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Here is a list of the different internships which are available at La Giraudiere. Below the internships you will find a list of different modules that can be added to the listed internships. The more you add the less time that will be dedicated to each so be selective

Erasmus Internships Traineeships

Internships Available

Assistant to the project director

Marketing – Website Creation, Search Engine Optimization, WordPress Blogging

Accounts – Balance sheet, profit & Loss, reconciliation, audit trail, nominal ledger, sales ledger, purchase ledger,

Household Management – A property hosting volunteers and interns needs to be managed like to learn how we do it? Take up this internship and you will be creating the internship come and learn how it is done.

Facility management – A property which is constantly used needs to be managed come help set up this internship and learn how to do at the same time

Property Maintenance – Property maintenance from leaking taps to squeaky doors La Giraudiere is constantly used and as such need’s constant maintenance come and learn how

Reservations management and logistics – Over 600 volunteers and interns have passed through the doors of La Giraudiere these 600 were generated by over 12000 applications which resulted from over 60000 emails or enquiries. Come learn how to find the right applicants for La Giraudiere.

Project Management – Every year we put in place different projects for La Giraudiere how would you like to create a project for La Giraudiere? with this internship you would be starting a project from the start you would learn all the different aspects required to ensure a successful project. Come learn from Creation to Funding to Completion.

Erasmus Internships Traineeships

Website Creation, Search Engine Optimization, WordPress Blogging,

French language course, English language course

Dates for internships in 2022: You can apply now for 2022 and we are providing internships start from May 2022 until October 2022