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Application procedure Erasmus Internship

In the first instance you are required to complete the Internship application form and submit it to us together with a copy of your CV and a letter describing why you wish to do an Erasmus Internship at La Giraudiere.

You will find the application form at ERASMUS INTERNSHIP APPLICATION FORM in completing and submitting your application you are confirming you have read our internship agreement and that you agree with its contents. Note, our agreement is apart from those of your sending organisation or grant application.

If we accept your application then we will send you an invitation to take part which you must then send to the International Relations Office or Study abroad office of your university or faculty. With this proof and the university’s approval, you can then create the rest of your application dossier and sign the Grant Agreement.

At this stage of the application, you will be expected to pay us a deposit so we hold the place for you. You can read about fees and deposits at Erasmus Internship accommodation Fees

During your internship you will also receive ECTS credit points. Please make note that for the present it is only possible to do Erasmus traineeships / internships at La Giraudiere for a maximum period of up to 6 months.

Erasmus Internships france application process

University Grant provider procedure

You will sign a separate Learning Agreement for Internships / Traineeships, a non-double financing declaration, for which you will have to keep the transport and accommodation receipts and upon your return you will show the appraisal of your internship signed by us, the receiving organisation, together with a certificate and language appraisal report.

For further information contact your university, educational institute or sending Organisation.

Dates for internships in 2022: You can apply now for 2022 and we are providing internships start from May 2022 until October 2022