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Traveler’s cheque is simple to use and if ordered through the Post Office you can either pick them up at any of the 12,500 branches or delivered to your front door and they are welcomed around the world.
American Express Travelers cheques ordered through the post office are available in numerous currencies and denominations, and can be exchanged at banks, hotels, foreign exchange bureaus and American Express Travel Services locations; also accepted at a wide variety of shops and restaurants. American Express Travelers Cheques do not expire, so you can save any unused Cheques for your next trip. Travellers’ cheques are convenient and you can pick up in-branch at a UK Post Office or order online and get them delivered to your door. They are Safer than cash and replaced within 24 hours if lost or stolen – anywhere in the world!

 The cheques are simple to use, it’s very easy to use Travellers Cheques. All you have to do is:
sign the cheques immediately on the top left-hand line when you receive them. They are not protected against loss or theft until you do so. You keep a note of the serial numbers located on the top right-hand corner of the Cheques, and keep this record separate from the Travellers Cheques – this is required to identify the Cheques should you need to report them lost or stolen, when you are ready to use them, just sign your name in the bottom left hand corner in front of the person accepting the cheque You can find out more about using American Express Travellers Cheques and where you can use them at the post office website where you can Download or print a complimentary destination guide with dining and sightseeing recommendations, visitor information and a handy map compliments of American Express.


As we mentioned that some foreign currency is a must for paying those small bills upon arrival. Your taxi, cafe maybe a train or bus ticket a tip it is always nice to know that you have some foreign currency in your pocket. The post office offers some good deals with o% Commision yes O% Comision plus competitive exchange rates on 70 foreign currencies. You can order your currency online and it can be delivered to your door or you can pick it up at any post office. Free delivery for Branch collections is also offered on orders over £500. You can


How many Pesos for one euro? Which country has the taka as its currency? What is 1000 forints worth?
All these questions and more can be answered here with our free to use currency converter.
Before putting your travel money in place or arranging that foreign CURRENCIES transfer it is wise to know the exchange rate and this converter will give you the basis of the current exchange rate from which you can then seek to obtain the best rate.

Throughout this money section of our website, you will find useful currency tools and links for all the major providers of currency transfers, travellers’ cheques, money cards, credit cards in fact everything you need related to foreign CURRENCIES exchange.

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