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The articles you find listed throughout our website were written by Les Amis De La Giraudière, or in English, “the friends of La Giraudiere”, also contributions from volunteers and interns who have participated in the different programs at La Giraudiere. We hope you enjoy.

Articles about France and the French way of life

articles about france
Articles about life in France

Why Learn French is an article written by Reuben Lachmansingh, a published author from Canada, who has taken some time off from his writing to volunteer in France and learn French in the picturesque wine-growing region of south west France.
Why Learn French

French motor insurance and the difference compared to the UK is an article written by WYS Brossac
Read about how to cancel your motor insurance and how much notice you have to give French Motor Insurance

Can life be all wine and roses in France an article from by AP Brossac
Thinking of moving or relocating to France then read this article about Living in France

Plaque de Feu is an article written by Reuben Lachmansingh describing the history of the French fireplace fireback and those found and restored at La Giraudiere. Reuben wrote this article whilst volunteering at La Giraudiere Plaque de Feu

The French Health Care System is an article by TJW Brossac
The world health Organization WHO found France to offer the best health system in the world in 2002 some say not a lot has changed read an article submitted by an expat pensioner living in The Charente France titled the health service in France

What is a Gite de France
You may have had a typical gite holiday you may even own a gite but do you know how Gite De France came about and why well to find out more read this article titled Gites De France

French Property Purchase Procedure. Buying property in France has become very popular to non-French nationals and there has been a steady flow of migrants buying property within the south west region of France. Previously Dordogne was the popular region for foreigners and now Department of Charente has become the target of those seeking overseas property especially with British, Dutch and Irish purchasers arriving by the day. This article explains the procedure in France for purchasing a French property The Procedure of Purchasing a French Property

The Tour de France
Read an article explaining how the tour came to be and what is its’ relationship with the south west of France and how it passed
 through the Charente in 2008 The Tour de France south-west

articles about france
Articles about places in France

Articles about places in France

The Pilgrimage Route to Compostela an article by G Smart Brossac
An article about the pilgrimage route and its’ links with the Knights Templars churches in the south west region of France
The Pilgrimage route to Compostela

The Dune du Pyla  an article written by PT Brossac
Nature can produce some awesome sights when left to its’ own devises, no better example than the Dune du Pyla in France

The Charente France. So where is the department of the Charente and why has The Charente become so popular with foreigners looking for French property is Charente to be the new Dordogne? Did you know that Cognac is in the Charente. Angouleme the city without a Motorway? what is on offer in The Charente in Nouvelle Aquitaine France

The Aquitaine Region of France. The south west region of France is also known as the region of Aquitaine this article gives information on Bordeaux, Biarritz and Archachon Aquitaine France

Bordeaux. Located in the south west of France, Bordeaux is a port city with more than a million inhabitants. It is a beautiful city filled with history and wonderful architecture. The area outside of the city is famous for its wine. Many tourists come to Bordeaux each year because of the many different places in the area they can visit. Here are a few of the best places to visit.  Thing to see and do in Bordeaux

Aubeterre Sur Dronne. Once voted plus belle village de France is well worth a visit, Aubeterre is situated on the river Dronne and its full title is Aubeterre Sur Dronne. Famous for its Monolithic church Aubeterre is in the Charente nearing the border with the Dordogne. Aubeterre Sur Dronne and The Monolithic Church

Eiffel Tower Paris. Where it feels as though the skies above Paris can be touched. Many of our foreign visitors arrive via Paris and of course stay there a day or two and a very popular attraction of Paris is the Eiffel Tower 

Articles about life in France
Articles France

Volunteers Articles

Take Time Out Read an article written about Volunteering in France written by Caroline O’Brien after volunteering for 6 weeks at La Giraudiere Take Time Out To volunteer in France

A Unique French Experience. is the title of an article in our volunteer’s section? While some projects and programs claim to provide an opportunity to become immersed in the host country’s language and culture, most lack the unique French experience that La Giraudiere provides. Read the words from two testimonials about their stay at LG visit A Unique French Experience

Volunteering Holiday in France. An article about volunteering at La Giraudiere France from Dr DJ Rohling an volunteer from the USA who volunteered in August 2012, “It is exactly what I was looking for! I am thrilled to have discovered it and experienced it! Getting out of my office was just what the doctor ordered!” Read more by visiting volunteering Holiday in France

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