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Volunteers and Interns Testimonials

Since 2018 we have received numerous testimonials and recommendations from interns, Volunteers and participants, here you will find a selection but you will also find many more in the internship section and the volunteers section. You can also look at videos or read articles.  

Volunteer from Scotland

“My first impression was, friendly people, good system very relaxed with a welcoming atmosphere after which it just got better. I will definitely be back I miss you everyone already “
Kirsty Jeffrey • Scotland  Volunteered in June 2011

“The location was good because it was a good way to see what French rural life is like apart from the big cities. Great participation with the local French the football, the badminton and the boules” Nicole Villanuera and Alan • United States Volunteered in 2010

A School group from the USA who visited in 2011.
Two of the groups teachers volunteered at La Giraudiere in 2010. Kim Flewallen a 2010 volunteer and teacher of the 2011 school group is booked to return again in 2015 with a new school group. “Thanks Kim there can be no better testimonial to La Giraudiere”

Steven Hawkins a student from North Georgia University in USA interned at La Giraudiere from the 3rd Feburary 2014 until the 18th April 2014 an internship of 12 weeks. At the end of his placement Steven was asked to submit an evaluation of his internship agency to his university evaluating his time at La Giraudiere. Steven decided to add some extra comments to his evaluation. He sent us a copy and we are pleased to show them to you. You will find a copy of his evaluation at the end of this testimonial. Read Stevens Internship Evaluation

“The pace of life and the living at La Giraudiere are so comfortable, not due to luxuries but, rather, the environment that Paul has created both at LG and with the local people in Brossac. 2014 marked my second visit to LG Since then Tom been back in 2017,2018 and 2019.

Time Out Volunteering
Caroline Grace O’Brien, A Volunteer at La Giraudiere during April May 2013, Carrie writes about her stay and reflects on what she has achieved for both herself and La Giraudiere – Read her article at Time Out Volunteering

“It was a great environment! I love family dinners and excursions. Paul and La Giraudiere program makes it very easy to make friends.” 
Nicole Belverd • United States

“I have really appreciated the opportunity to see what rural France is really like and to be part of your community for a time, I will never forget La Giraudiere and Brossac”. 
Emily Richardson • England

volunteers from scotland

“We had a wonderful 3 weeks, La Giraudiere delivered what it promised – a taste of French life, an opportunity to learn new skills and meet new people”
Marion and Charlie – Scotland

“I had the most amazing time, and will never forget the Pyla Dunes, chestnut hike, bike riding to the lake, or how bright the stars shone at night.”
Elizabeth Prentice • United States

“I cannot recommend highly enough a stay at La Giraudiere. You have the opportunity to make great friends, experience French life like a simple tourist never could, learn some French, contribute to the project, learn new skills” and read more……at

“It is a place of international learning, a place being brought back to life and at the same time adding to the lives of those who help make it happen. Never a truer word said.” Emily Kerr • England (2010,2011,2012)

Internship In FranceTestimonial from Jaques Stephens – GB Intern 2014
“From day one, I was immersed into the organisation in a position of responsibility”. 
Read Jacques full testimonial at Training Internship at La Giraudiere

“Paul there is no mistake that what you have created here in France is a reason for us to really experience France. It is you that makes it so easy for us all to live and work together as a team. ” Michelle Rochon • Canada (2009)


American volunteers

“The local culture, getting the know the international participants, the physical countryside is fabulous, nice rooms, nice windows, fresh feel of the country air and the outdoors environment. “
Greg and Linda Karle • USA (2010)

Volunteer USA

“Well organized, excellent price but the family atmosphere and the wonderful people were the most valuable aspects of this program. I regret having to leave.”  – Brian Cheesman • United States

“Thank you Paul and Sydney, for being such great hosts and for sharing not only your home, but also your life and friends in Brossac it has made my French experience unique.” 
Jenny Downes • Ireland

“Thank you Paul for your hospitality – I truly enjoyed my stay at La Giraudiere I loved Brossac and meeting the locals excellent group. ” Gayle Higgins • Canada (September 2011)

“La Giraudiere has provided a comfortable environment where I could learn a lot and where lots of opportunities to learn were given to me. Meeting the locals and playing petanque was a bonus and my LG experience has created many found memories that I will remember for ever. “
Alex Hamilton • Australia  (June 2011)

“Paul you are a brilliant host and an excellent boss thank you for sharing your home with me these last 3 weeks and it is you that makes the magic at La Giraudiere. ” Edward Dove • England 2009

Volunteer from Scotland

“Words cannot describe my experience, but after spending time at La Giraudiere, I would love to live in France permanently.” Corinna Hayward • Scotland  (2012)

“Words cannot describe my experience, but after spending time at La Giraudiere, I would love to live in France permanently.” Corinna Hayward • Scotland  (2012)

“A very good program and everyone so welcoming I loved Brossac Lake and our host Paul who was so patient with us and the meals what a great idea everyone taking a turn. ” Vanessa Robinson • England (August 2011)

“My time at LG was amazing an experience I will never forget, I will feel like a little piece of my heart will forever be with La Giraudiere and you all in South West France. ” Kathryne Appleby • United States (2011)

“My first trip abroad alone and I was never made more welcomed. Paul encouraged me all the way” You can read more about Joy and her trip to La Giraudiere on our blog at At
A New Zealander in Europe Joy Webster New Zealand a 2014 volunteer

“I’d thoroughly recommend volunteering or interning at La Giraudiere. Help out with a bit of work and enjoy getting immersed in French culture – you’ll love it.” Sam Grace • Australian volunteer (2012) Read Sam’s full testimonial on our Volunteers Blog

“I enjoyed the way the program was structured so that volunteers could work in groups or independently, and were free to contribute to projects of their own choosing and initiative.”
Marlou de Win • Holland  (August 2011) – (Leonardo da Vinci programme intern)

“I chose La Giraudiere as the first stop on my first ever solo traveling experience.  Leaving my home in the US to live at an unknown place on the other side of the world and live with complete strangers was intimidating, to say the least, but it ended up being an absolutely incredible experience.  The setting was beautiful; the exposure to French culture was fantastic; the food was delicious; but the best part of all was the people.  I was amazed that a group of people of various ages, nationalities, and backgrounds got along so well and became such good friends in such a short period of time.  We worked together, we ate together, we explored together, and we shared some wonderful moments together.  In addition, the community of Brossac was so welcoming, so generous, and so willing to share the French language and culture with us.   I learned that humour, kindness, and friendship can surpass language and cultural barriers.  Thank you Paul, for working so hard to create such an incredible opportunity!”   Karysa Cox  • USA  (August 2013)

“Great way to improve your French with plenty of opportunities to get involved in local life, Loved the meals and I felt at home the moment I unpacked.” 
Hollie Higgins • England (August 2011)

“Excellent program good host well organized but relaxed and flexible and good way of meeting people from the community reasonable priced into the bargain. “
Peter Kemball • UK ( June 2011)

“Affordable, great opportunity to live like a local in France and The day trips enabled me to learn about the Charente region of France in a way I could not have as a regular tourist.”
Denise Grunder • United States (June 2011)”

For me, a clinical psychologist and aspiring novelist, being outdoors, trimming hedges and assisting with a writing project was a delight.  Whatever your present station in life you will not regret having joined the team at La Giraudiere. You will create memories to cherish for a lifetime. I, for one, will return.” You can read my full article about my La Giraudiere volunteering experience  at A Volunteers Holiday in France 

 Dr D J Rohling USA 2012 volunteer”La Giraudiere a place of learning and so much more! To me, it is also a place of discovery and insight about this ancient and fascinating region of our world, about other people, their cultures and lifestyles, about developing different skill sets, and about broadening my knowledge of myself. Thank you for your vision, Paul, and for making this unique opportunity available! ” 

Cindra Vargas • USA (Volunteer 2012)”The program is terrific value and Paul’s relationship with the locals makes it unique, I made many contacts French and otherwise thanks LG I will miss LG and you all at Brossac.”  

Curtiss Mowrey • United States (2011) “Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of the La Giraudiere team I had a truly wonderful time. You are one in a million and I will be back. “

Rhian Rowlands • Wales (June 2010) “A very relaxed program, everyone so friendly I learned some useful skills loved the dinner conversations and playing Petanque with the locals.” 

Hugh Thomson • United Kingdom (2011) Unique French Experience
“While some projects and programs claim to provide an opportunity to become immersed in the host country’s  language and culture, most lack the unique French experience that La Giraudiere provides.”

Read article started by Kelly kean from the USA a volunteer in July/August 2012

Unique French Experience“An excellent way to meet new people, learn new skills and integrate into a real French community. ” 

Fiona Riley • England  (2012)”I enjoyed the experience, and everyone I met and it opens doors to opportunities culturally that you wouldn’t get any other way. The integration into the community, in terms of activities and friends was one of my major likes.” –

Greg Karle • USA (2011)Kim and Vicky were to return the following year with a School group from the USA”La Giraudiere program – superb! and believe me I checked many programs. La Giraudiere gives an authentic southern rural France living experience and French lessons for much less. “Kim Flewallen • USA (June 2010)

“La Giraudiere gave me new experiences with different cultures brought new understanding and acceptance of others. See you next year. “

Vicki Anderson • United States (2010)”Found lots of volunteer program but La Giraudiere offered the best price I loved the colorful curious people and the wine and the sunset, if in France I will return. “

Irvin Fong • Chinese American (sept 2011)”Very good value. Can’t put a price on the experience and sense of welcoming. Feeling part of the local French community La Giraudiere is priceless. “

Tslil Shemesh • Israel (July 2011)”The location is beautiful and we were so involved in the local French community. I loved being introduced to all the locals an authentic French experience thanks Paul superb program.”