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Great Things to See in Bordeaux
Located in the south west of France, Bordeaux is a port city with more than a million inhabitants. It is a beautiful city filled with history and wonderful architecture. The area outside of the city is famous for its wine.
Many tourists come to Bordeaux each year because of the many different places in the area they can visit. Here are a few of the best places to visit.

The Place Royale Bordeaux
Built near the end of the 18th century, this is a classic example of the local architectural style. The fountain, which sits at the center of the site, is a beautiful site, especially when it is lit up after dark. The Place Royal sits next to the Garonne River.
The Saint-Andre Cathedral Bordeaux
Pope Urban II consecrated this Cathedral in 1096. Construction finally finished in the 15th century. Today, the Catholic cathedral is one of France’s National Monuments. The architecture is simply amazing.

Musee de Bordeaux

Musee des Vins de Bordeaux – This museum is dedicated to the history of the wine producing culture that is such an important part of Bordeaux. The wine cellars here date back to the early 1700s. You can learn how wine was made and stored, and you can even set up a wine tasting.

Bordeaux Musee national des douanes – This museum houses more than 5000 artifacts, including tools, weapons, uniforms, furniture, paintings and more. The museum focuses on the life and history of the customs officer.

Bordeaux Natural History Museum – This is one of the oldest natural history museums in France. It was built in 1811 and features zoological specimens from around the world. There is also a large collection of fossils.

Croiseur Colbert – This old warship belongs to the French Navy, but now serves as a floating museum. Visitors can tour the ship and see how French sailors fought and lived. You can pick up a souvenir at the gift shop as well. In 2018 The colbert was sent for dismanteling.

These are just a few of the great places to see around the city. As you explore the area, you are sure to find plenty more. Besides all of the great sites around Bordeaux, you will also find a number of places to shop, as well as great cafés and restaurants in which to dine. Bordeaux is a lovely city that has something to offer everyone, no matter if you want to taste wine, visit historical sites, or take photographs of the architecture. It is a great place to go, and every visitor to the south west of France should make a trip there.

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