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La Giraudiere, via its internships, traineeships and volunteers program present many opportunities to learn French. For the volunteers the French lessons are FREE and included in the program read more about learning French when volunteering.

Interns can decide on the amount of time that is dedicated to learning French when comprising their internship. Read about learning French when interning in France.

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Why Learning French is Important

Many articles have been written about the French lessons at La Giraudiere check out why should you learn French? an article written by a previous volunteer who happens to be an accredited novelist.

How to learn French in France

If you are not sure whether to learn French as a foreign language or may select another then read about why French is an important language to learn and one decide then maybe you like to read about how to learn French

French in France
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Once you have read the articles about learning French in France then you may wish to take up the challenge well remember by volunteering you can learn for free so check us our using the links above.

How would you like to have your own page upon our website? You can how you say? simply by writing an article and sending it to us together with two photographs that relate to the article. La Giraudiere is a well-respected website among its visitors and also by the search engines that regularly visit.

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