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The articles you find listed throughout our website were written by Les Amis De La Giraudière, or in English, “the friends of La Giraudiere”, also contributions from volunteers and interns who have participated in the different programs at La Giraudiere. We hope you enjoy.

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Become a friend of La Giraudiere by writing an article and submitting it to our website. You can now have your own page upon simply by writing an article and it sending us it together with two photographs that relate to the article. La Giraudiere with the help of volunteers and interns is becoming a place of cultural exchange and learning where people can learn about France , the French language, life in France and how other cultures live.

Our website has become a well established website and is ranked among the major players for Travel, Holiday, France, work abroad, volunteer, internship, traineeships, study abroad, summer camps and particularly the region of south west France. So we would welcome articles that are related to any of these themes for which La Giraudiere is known.

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