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Colocation Nouvelle-Aquitaine

So what is Colocation well collocate is when you simply rent a room in shared accommodation colocation is the up word for flat or apartment sharing. Normally your share the accommodation but do your own thing as regards food etc.

Colocation would suit a person, a student away from home, professional person visiting or working in the area or retired person who simply does not want to live alone. So maybe you will be working away from home or studying in Bordeaux then La Giraudiere could be ideal for you.

Situated in the south of the Charente with the borders to the Charente maritime, Dordogne, Gironde all within easy reach and just 9 km from La Giraudiere at the Market town of Chalais is the nearest Station offering connections to the SNCF and TER train services.

and receives his or hers meals whilst working or studying each day. A colocataires simply needs somewhere where they can sleep, shower, and study very similar to a hotel room but within a shared residence with a group of likeminded people with whom you can interact when and if you wish.

Cohabitation La Giraudiere Collocation
Collocate or Cohabitate La Giraudiere


Cohabitation is living with a group of people in an apartment, house or other form of accommodation where by the nature you do interact with each other as you are sharing meals, household duties, shopping and all the facilities. The nearest to describe what as gone before is to say living with someone girlfriend or boyfriend but nowadays it is becoming more popular to live with like minded people a bit like a students campus or at the other end of the scale a retirement home. Students accommodation or retirement home they all live together share meals and help each other out the best phrase today would be group living?.

collocating and chabitating

What are the advantages of Co-Habitating or Co-Locating at La Giraudiere.

  1. We have internet access
  2. We are a community of likeminded people.
  3. Located within The Charente and on the Borders of Gironde, Charente-Maritime, Dordogne makes La Giraudiere ideal location to base in South West France.
  4. Access to the SNCF TER Train service in the Nouvelle Aquitaine is just 9 kilometres from La Giraudiere.
  5. SAFE and secure crime figurers for Brossac – Unknown
  6. Learn to say hello – Bonjour in Brossac village everyone says Bonjour you may never want to leave?
  7. Ideal place to concentrate, ideal place to rest, ideal to explore and play, ideal for time out.
  8. La Giraudière as accommodated volunteers, Interns and people from all walks of life and from all points of the Globe so we are experienced in hosting people away from home.
  9. Check out testimonials from other who have stayed they are scattered throughout our website.

This section of our website is under review and will be published soon with up to date fees and information, For now you can Contact Us if you are looking for accommodation.

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