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Colocation in Nouvelle-Aquitaine

So what is Colocation? Colocate according to many English dictionaries the words co-locate, collocation or co-locating relates to sharing something with someone or with some people. It could be colocating a server between many internet users or sharing a car with the others villagers in your village. Now a new meaning is emerging as the expression is now used for flat sharing or the sharing of accommodation, normally within a big house but it could be an apartment. With collocation you normally have your own bedroom as a private space but you share the bathroom, the kitchen or the living room with the other occupants within the house.

You would also share the household bills such as water, electric and gas. Obviously you would share the rent and the local property taxes or rates. The amount of your share could be calculated by the simply the number of bedrooms for example if you have a bedroom within a three bed-roomed house your share could be one third, or 33.33 % of the bills. Depending upon the size of your room the previous method would be fair providing you all have similar sized bedrooms of other comforts to compensate a difference in size.

Colocation accommodation

Colocation Property South Charente

In some properties houses or apartments there may be an overseer or person who owns, or leases, the property in which case he or she would decide what your share is as regards rent, the utilities bills and local property taxes. These items all being decided prior to entering into an agreement, lease or contract.

So to collocate is when you simply rent a room in shared accommodation collocation or colocation is the up word for flat or apartment sharing. Normally your share the accommodation but do your own thing as regards food etc.

La Giraudiere in Brossac offers colocation and as done for the past 12 years. La Giraudiere is an ideal location situated in the south of Charente and a short drive from the borders of the Gironde, Dordogne and the Charente Maritime. Check out our exact location on google maps at Location of La Giraudiere.

Brossac Village Colocation

Shops and other amenities are nearby at The village of Brossac which is just 1.2 Kilometres from La Giraudiere and has all that you need to supplement a stay in South Charente. You can read more about the village at Brossac Village

Facilities at La Giraudiere include Internet connection via WiFi, photocopies, printing, office facilities, Library of books, CD’s, videos and many games and pass times which have been donated to our association over the years,

La Giraudiere Colocation in Charente Nouvelle Aquitaine
Collocate La Giraudiere
Colocation Amenities

A fully equip professional kitchen should be in place in the coming months this would be supplementing the three kitchens or, kitchenettes which exist at present.

5 acres or courtyards, gardens and parks in which you can chill, relax or work out.

Colocation is ideal for a person who is away from home for a set period working, visiting or studying. For those working in the area then the facilities at La Giraudiere can only help you in your mission. For those visiting our area then La Giraudiere is the ideal base to visit the south west of France. For those studying then you can take advantage of all the facilities, the location and its connections, security and placement.

colocation at La Giraudiere

Security may be your concern when away from your home comforts well rest assured the crime figures in Brossac do not exists although there is a Gendarmerie less than 2 km from La Giraudiere plus there is always someone at La Giraudiere who can help and assist you.

Health facilities are also nearby Brossac has its health center for which a doctor is in attendance three days a week, the local nurses are based at te center and other medical professions are in place. Brossac also has a well equipped and well stocked pharmacy. Hospital and emergency facilities are at Barbezieux just 18 km north of La Giraudiere. The Sapeurs-Pompiers are 10 km south of La Giraudiere at the market town of Chalais.

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