How to use PayPal without a Pay Pal account

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This page is to help you make payments via PayPal without having a PayPal account

If you have been directed to the “PayPal check out page” then PayPal will present to you a form for you to complete your transaction.

Billing Information

First thing to do is to change the country/region to that of your country or the country where the bankers’ card is from. So, if you live in France but your card is from America then choose USA. Note on some Pay Pal check-out pages the country may be in the language of the country you are presently in for instance, USA = etas unis and England = Angleterre United Kingdom = Royanne Unis

billing information paypal
PayPal Billing information screen

You then select your card type from the drop-down menu enter the expiry date of the card and the CSC which is on the reverse side of your card near your signature bar. Enter your firsty name and your last name exactly as they are shown on your card.

Billing Address

Here you must enter the address which your card company knows ie your bank statement addresses NOT the address where you are studying or holidaying unless of course you have notified your card company of your new address.

paypal billing address

Contact Information

For your contact information enter your phone number for either mobile, home or work number. PayPal will text you a security code to the mobile number which you have previously registered with them so be sure to have your mobile telephone to hand.

paypal contact information
Create a PayPal account

Finally, if you wish, you can create a PayPal account and then in future you simply use your email address and password. You can continue without a PayPal account. But if you did open an account, PayPal buyers’ protection plan can help you when things go wrong. Plus, as I said earlier you can pay with just your email and password in the future. Or you can just check No, Thanks.

creat paypal account

We hope this page helps you understand how to use paypal without a paypal account. Yes you can use any bankers or credit cards to make a payment via paypal.