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Household Management Internship

Location – La Giraudière, Brossac, South West France
Internship Type – Tasks and projects related to the organisation’s purpose and mission and possibly encompassing the academic or business qualification you hope to receive or may already have. This internship will include group French, or English language lessons.
Interns Career Level – Trainee/Intern
Length of Internship – The minimum internship is 1 months
Intern Dates – Dates at present are flexible with places available spring, summer and the fall. 
Hours – The maximum hours for Erasmus Interns is 32 hours per week includes your Language lessons

Assessment – Your French, or English, language skills will be assessed in terms of Listening, Reading, Spoken Interaction, Spoken Production and Writing. Group Lessons – Half a day each week there is a group French lesson.
Appraisal – A final appraisal of your improvement as compared with your original assessment will be carried out during the last week of your internship, and an award of French Language attainment will be presented alongside your Certificate of Internship and Letter of Achievement.

This particular internship description is being updated so please check back, for the moment I give you

Intern’s Duties: 

Scheduling accommodation – The number of approved applications needs to be matched to the 4 different programs for the number of spaces available. This activity (often known as Hotel Room Scheduling) is an excellent means for you to develop or demonstrate your organisational, logistics, planning skills and scheduling ability.

Logistics and communications – Liaising with staff, management, interns, and volunteers concerning the day to day household logistics of La Giraudière is vital. Even in a small project like La Giraudière it is important that everyone concerned is kept informed. Regular informal meeting are essential, and you will be part of those meetings and encouraged to contribute. Teamwork and cooperation are central to our success, and your skill in these areas will be used, developed, or enhanced.

Your Resume / CV just got a boost:
Rewards – At the completion of the internship you will receive a Certificate of Internship, a Letter of Achievement, an award of French Language attainment and the knowledge of how to make a Resume / CV that is search engine friendly.

The contact you will make will go on for a life time.
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