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Brossac is a landscape of rolling hills with grapevines, sunflower and all that the earth can produce. The Winters are generally mild and short, cold spells do not last for long. The summers warmer and sunnier compared to north western France. They can be rather wet, particularly with many heat storms, but the rain tends to be heavy and of short duration. Summers have more sunshine and longer spells of settled weather than north west of France.

Weather Forecast for Brossac

The village of Brossac is situated in the southerly part of The French department of Charente, which in turn is within the region of Nouvelle Aquitaine. Brossac enjoys excellent sunshine hours and is 2nd only to the South East of France near to the Mediterranean. The advantage of the South West region is that it does not suffer from the minstrel winds and the temperature is not that extreme heat of the far south. Having said that no one predicted the storms of December 1999 which blasted the south west coastline of France leaving  122 people dead in western Europe of which at least 70 were French. Like wise the great heatwave of  2003 which claimed the lives of 14802 French  citizens.

Sun flowers in Brossac
Sun flowers Brossac

The air in the department of Charente was recorded as some of the cleanest in Europe so great for artist and photographers alike who will experience some amazing light.

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