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A majority of our volunteers and interns at La Giraudiere arrive from all continents of the world and their first step on French soil may well be Paris. So we have put in place the weather for Paris so you can keep check for your arrival and departures.

The weather in Paris can be Paris !!! Weather in Paris During the Autumn fall, temperatures vary widely. In September, for example, the thermostat can rise to a maximum average of 20 c degrees, and it’s been known to climb even higher in recent years, with notable heat waves hitting the city as late as the end of September and early October.

Winter in Paris

 In November, by contrast, the average high temperature is around 10c degrees, with lows inching toward the freezing point. The summers can be so hot 40+ heatwaves are numerous and more so nowadays with climate change.

Weather Paris heatwaves

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