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“Before you start surfing this page, If you are looking for a study abroad program in some high-rise air-conditioned class room in Paris, Bordeaux or some other large European city then carry on searching the internet as the project at La Giraudiere is probably not for you”

Study Abroad Program

The different programs offered at La Giraudiere give you the chance to study abroad at a very reasonable cost. What you have to decide is if you want to be a volunteer at La Giraudiere or an intern. Obviously the La Giraudiere Internships programs and the La Giraudiere volunteers project both help with the cross over from studying to entering the real working world.

What is the difference? well, an Intern comes to La Giraudiere to learn and whilst learning may inadvertently help the La Giraudiere project. Whereas a volunteer comes to La Giraudiere to help and whilst helping actually learns some new skills into the bargain. Apart from helping with the crossover to the working world both programs would give your CV, or resumé, that extra boost which is required in today’s working world.

French learning

Studying Abroad France

La Giraudière Learning or training, internships are more expensive than La Giraudiere’s volunteering projects main reasons are you have more language lessons some of which are one to one with professional English-speaking teachers. Whereas volunteers benefit from a half day group lesson once a week.

Let us give you an example, Your La Giraudiere internship encompasses marketing and French Language as part of your universities requirements so you will have French lessons as described plus a marketing project(s) which will be related to something at La Giraudiere or its website. For instance, we decide to put in place a website section about the different chateaux in the south Charente area.

Uk Intern in France

So you would be researching for what is out there using internet and tourist leaflets and tourist office information. So, some knowledge of French and English required, A volunteer could help you with the researching. Once the research completed visits have to be taken place for photographs and discovery of further information for the website section.

Once all research and materials in place then creating the website section and publishing followed by marketing the website section using internet, social media and other forms. So, skills involved are numerous; supervising, project management, marketing, SEO, photography, social media, writing, French, English, blogging, website creation, etc etc

Studying French Language abroad

Normally interns require more teaching and explanation of the different individual tasks they will be undertaking during the learning, or training, internship. If accreditation is required by your university or sending organisation then yes again this entails much more work than that required by a volunteer’s appraisal or volunteers’ certification.

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Learning English in France

Study abroad Immersion programs

La Giraudiere will present you with many occasions in which you can be either be totally immersed into the French, or English, Language or slightly immersed but knowing that you can take a step back into the comfort zone of the English, or French, speaking international group.

Not only will you improve your standard of French but you will also learn more about the French culture and the French way of Life and how they work. No matter which programs you choose for your study abroad whether it be volunteering, traineeships or internship you then further choose either to be submersed into the French culture and the French way of life but only as much as you wish.

The knowledge of being part of an English-speaking group is ideal for beginners as you have the security in the knowledge that you are living with a group who have the same motivation as you to learn or improve their French and this is an asset when your confidence is not that of a native fluent French speaker.

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Studying English Abroad in France

Yes, possible at La Giraudiere we have a program for non-English speakers wishing to learn or improve their English you find more information at Learn English in France If you are not French or English speaker then please contact us for possibilities of what study abroad programs may suit your needs. So, check out our programs Volunteering In France or Internships in France and our testimonials and see if La Giraudiere could be your ideal Study Abroad Program.

It is true that some people have paid and are still paying over a 1000 US dollars per week to study abroad in some air-conditioned classroom in the centre of some huge city. Well at La Giraudiere the prices start from 140 euros per week that is 160 US dollars per week and that includes your meals, your accommodation and a lot more.