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Please complete this form to register your application to take part as a volunteer with the project at La Giraudière in South West France. Prior to applying be sure you have read all the pages and information about the project including the volunteers' agreement.
PLEASE NOTE Completing this form does not mean that you have a place. We will contact you once we have considered your application.
Do not pay your first payment until your place has been confirmed.
Do not book your travel arrangements until your place has been confirmed.

VISAS and TRAVEL PERMITS For those who need a Travel visa or permit, remember when you complete your visa application that when you come to help at La Giraudière you are not a paid worker, you are a tourist who has reserved accommodation for which you are paying. To help with your visa application you may need a letter of confirmation that you have booked and paid for your accommodation. If you require a letter of confirmation you must tick the appropriate box  half way down the form.
First Name (s)
Family / Surname
Town or City
Post code / Code Postal
Your email address
Telephone Number
Portable or Mobile telephone Number
Age and Date of Birth
Male Female

Describe what you are presently doing ?
 i.e are you at University and what are you studying? or are you working and if so what is your job? or are you unemployed. Is this part of your gap year or year out? Are you retired ?
Do you hold a full driving license ? Yes No
What do you expect or like to learn or gain from volunteering at La Giraudiere ?

You do not have to be a skilled builder or a computer wizard just a willingness to try and learn 
Do you pocess skills or qualities that you think you could pass on to the rest of the group and /or could be useful to the project ?

If you are a qualified electricain, English teacher or maybe a marketing expert would you be prepared to pass on your skills to others in the group ?
The address you will be travelling from if it is different from the above.
i.e. If you are a student what is your university?
Describe how you will be travelling ?
(We ask this to insure that you have researched how you will arrive at La Giraudière and to see that you have budgeted for your travelling costs)
If you were ill or had an accident whilst staying at La Giraudière who would we contact?
Please supply  their name, telephone number, and their relationship to you.
What medical and hospital insurance cover will you have? (Please state the insurance company you will be insuring with) 
What languages do you speak ?
Please tick how you would like to volunteer.
You can tick one or all which you feel you would like to do, learn about or get involved with.
Building and or restoration work
Painting, renovation, wood work and property maintenance
Computer, marketing, clerical day to day; blog entries and social media updates
Writing, articles about the project,  France or the attractions of France
Household management, keeping house, cooking, shopping etc
Event organising and setting up / Christmas Program
Will you require a receipt for your booking in order to help with your Travel Visa application ?
Remember that some nationals are not allowed to visit France without a permit or and visa but you are allowed to visit as a paying guest or a tourist with a confirmed accommodation reservation. Please click the box to confirm yes you do require a accommodation reservation receipt for your visa application
How many weeks would you like to stay at La Giraudière ?
Please indicate which period or periods you would like to be considered for.
March or prior 
October and after
Christmas Program

Your preferred Arrival Date
Day Month Year
Your preferred Departure Date
Day Month Year
Are you flexible about your dates?
Yes No
If you would like to add something about your dates please note it here
Your arrival or pick up point ? Chalais Gare (Station)
I will arrive direct at La Giraudière and will not need picking up
I have my own car / transport and will arrive direct

If you cannot make the trip or you are delayed you should notify us as soon as possible. No prior cancellation then No refund.
Each volunteer will have their own room unless you wish to share with a partner or friend. Please indicate here if you are applying jointly and the name of the joint applicant. Please note a reduction in the weekly price will be made for those sharing.

By submitting your application to volunteer and be considered for the a place at La Giraudière you confirm that you are responsible for your travel costs and your insurance, you further confirm your have read and agree to the Volunteers agreement to which, if accepted, you agree to abide.

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