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The internships at La Giraudière are designed to bridge the gap between formal education and starting work they are a traineeships and they will not only help to boost your CV, which is so important in today’s competitive job market, but they are also designed to boost your confidence in the work environment. This internship as “assistant to the project manager” will show you all the different tasks carried out and the skills required to run a NGO (non-government organization) La Giraudiere is a registered association in France it is a organization which has a not for profit goal but we still need to show a benefit each year we operate for re-investing and building up the association, it’s material items required to operate, it’s human resources which are international, It’s programs and projects European and local.  You can read more about La Giraudiere and the different programs on offer at the About Us link.

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So if you are looking for a place where you can test all that you have learned prior to that first day at the office then this internship , or traineeship, is for you La Giraudiere presents a relaxed atmosphere but at the same time a professional environment where you can test yourself and learn some new skills.