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internships in France

Internships In France

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Here we explain some of the benefits of an internship in France at La Giraudière, plus how the chance to develop a foreign language can further complement your Resumé or CV. Ever wondered whether you should volunteer or intern now is the chance to do both and overseas as well.
Volunteer overseas or Internship abroad ? Today when applying for work, or looking to be recruited, you need every edge there is. A few years ago the ‘must have’ on any respectable CV or Resumé was to have participated in a volunteers’ project and ideally – and more impressively – a project that was overseas. Prior to that it was to have studied abroad, or taken part in a language immersion course abroad. Lately, Internships have been the ‘done thing’.

Here’s the chance to tick all of those boxes in one go – an internship that involves a worthwhile volunteering project, that involves living in France, and that will improve your social, business, and language skills.

interning in France

These internships at La Giraudiere are designed to bridge the gap between formal education and starting work they are a traineeships and they will not only help to boost your CV, but they are also designed to boost your confidence in the work environment. So if you are looking for a place where you can test all that you have learned prior to that first day at work then our internships, or traineeships, are for you,

La Giraudiere presents a relaxed atmosphere but at the same time a professional environment where you can test yourself and learn some new skills. La Giraudière offers you a unique opportunity to boost your CV/resumé and gain valuable work experience that will give you and your career prospects that extra uniqueness needed. The Internship offered by La Giraudière offers French, or English, language improvement, really meaningful work experience, the opportunity to be part of an international project, immersion into rural French village life, and the chance to make contacts that will last a life time.

Another major benefit of the La Giraudière internship is that it is all ‘in house’ – it is us that have marketed our internship, it is us that will accommodate the interns and it is here that the internship will be located. You will not be going somewhere else for your internship orientation or for your language course prior to taking up your internship, – it will take place here at La Giraudière. What is included is not just the accommodation and the meals, there is so much more. The excursions, the involvement in local life, the transfers …. read more at an all inclusive internship.