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Car Hire and Van Rental in South West France

You have arrived at Car Hire and Van rentals in South West France, a page which will supply you with information, advice and links to both the major rental companies and the smaller local hire companies.

Calculate exactly what size of vehicle you are going to need and do not forget to allow for your Luggage, Trying to get four people and their luggage in a Citroen Saxo is no fun. Try to work out how many kilometers you will be traveling as you may be asked in order for the reservation clerk to calculate your price. Have a credit card at hand as they may require a booking deposit. Remember to book in the name of the Main Driver and be sure the credit card you use for your booking will be available as proof of your booking on the day you collect the hire car or van.

Collecting the hire car

Firstly just to reiterate what has been said when reserving your rental vehicle.

  1. Have your driving license with you plus licenses fro any other drivers.
  2. Have the credit card with you that you used to make the booking.

At the booking desk ask the receptionist to give you a firm price – I have known people that have returned home only to find the rental bill was three or four times the price they thought they were paying. Make sure the price is on the rental contract that you sign. You cannot pay by cheque or cash they always require a credit card. Your credit card will normally be charged for the excess amount on the insurance.

Car Hire Insurance plus Excess

Concerning the insurance. Check exactly what excess you would have to pay if there is an accident or damage on the vehicle which was not there when you took delivery. A scratched bumper can cost up to 800 euros and a cracked headlamp could cost even more. A mirror for some Citroen models can cost over 100 euros, remember most mirrors are heated and electric now days.

Inspect the Car Hire pre rental

O/k you have finished in the rental office and now time to take delivery and the keys for your rental vehicle , Be sure to inspect the car or van and pay particular attention to what is in the fuel tank as you will be required to return with a full tank. Check for wheel trims, mirrors, body trims and the paintwork make sure they are there and not damaged if they are be sure the booking receptionist marks it and all damage on your rental agreement. Check that the interior is clean, check there is a spare and where the tools are for changing the wheel.

Become familiar with your hire car

I know you are all excited about starting on your holiday or trip but a little time now will save you latter.
Make sure you know where the fuel cap is and how do you open it. Also ask what is the best fuel for the car.
Before you drive off be sure to adjust the seat and the mirrors to your liking and generally familiarise your self with the vehicle do not be in a rush. Take a last look at your map in order to know what direction you need to be heading and remember what side of the road to drive on.

Terminating your rental contract

Be sure to leave the vehicle fairly clean and if you are smoker empty and clean the ashtray. Reasonable valet charges are normally included within the rental price. Leave the fuel tank full. If the car hire company has to fill it up they will charge you top price for the fuel. Upon arrival at the car hire reception be sure the receptionist checks over your vehicle and produce an invoice which relates to the agreement that you signed. Be sure to get a receipt for your credit card payment and make sure the initial deposit you paid is either cancelled or deducted from the final invoice. I think that is it if you can add to this advice then please contact us

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