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Roads in France

The roads in France are some of the best in Europe. The French motorway system is known as the auto routes and are marked as << A routes >>. The national or Route Nationals are marked as RN routes and again there has been plenty of development on these roads. The route nationals can become very congested especially where they offer a more direct route as they will become the favourite of truck drivers and heavy lorries. Remember the “A routes” have a péage and a toll has to be paid where as the route nationals offer free driving. The Auto routes are well equipped with service stations and the parking areas are ideal for on route picnics.

Roads in France
Roads in France

Auto Routes in France

During the summer season in France the auto route service stations offer some useful entertainment and amenities for the Children and adults alike. The summer season will bring on huge traffic jams for the all roads and routes that lead to the coastlines and the winter will see similar jams leading to the popular ski resorts. Sunday is an excellent day in which to take to the roads in France as the trucks and large vehicles are excluded by law unless they are transporting urgent goods or perishables.

routes in france
Routes in France

Take a Break not a wake

Driving long distance can be very trying remember to take a break during the day and do not drive more than eight hours in one day. Think about it you are risking not only your life but that of your passengers and other road users. Professional truck drivers stop every two hours for a coffee or snack and never drive more than eight hours a day. Try to make your journey a part of your holiday and take over night stops so you see more of France. Beware remember your péage or toll ticket as a time stamp upon it so do not be surprised if a gendarme asks to see your toll ticket as from this he knows what speeds you have been doing and how long you have been driving.

driving breaks
Take a break

Driving information on Roads and Routes in France

If you intend to hire a car for your road trips then we have supplied some useful information at Car Hire Advice in France. We also have put in place a page for road maps which may help you they are at Maps of South West France our map section will help you choose the best driving routes through France. We are also putting in a place a map of the non-toll roads or route Nationale, RN, in France.

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